Leave Ray alone!!!

Please give me a little space in your newspaper to express my views on the Chester Humphrey and Ray Roberts controversy in the Senate.

First of all, Sen. Ray should understand that there is no good blood flowing between the two main political parties in the country.

Comrades Chester is now linked to NNP as part of the Project Grenada construct between himself and the others like Peter David, Lab, and Joe Gilbert who were expelled from the National Democratic Congress.

All these expelled persons have to justify their importance to KCM who would soon get fed up with them if they cannot bring over other NDC supporters to swell the ranks of NNP.

Who else can Chess and Peter bring over with them? My guess is nobody else. All who gone with them are now with them.

Chess is now using his position in the Senate to belittle all those who are perceived to be NDC. Every time the man gets a chance he tries to take on Brother Nazim Burke but the NDC Leader is too good and smart for Bro. Chess.

Notice how every time Chess tries to get Naz to respond to him in public non issues, Naz keeps on ignoring him as if nobody was talking.

Chess now has a beef with Ray since the TUC did not bother with him and selected Bro. Ray to represent them in the Senate. As long as Ray is the TUC representative, this man will always look for ways and means to belittle Ray.

But Bro. Chess needs to look inside and vacuum his conscience because he cannot stand alongside Bro. Ray when it comes to integrity ad trustworthiness.

Bro. Chess, let me remind you of one thing that Bro. Ray has a U.S visa stamped in his passport unlike you. Rae can leave Grenada anytime, jump on American Airlines or Jet Blue and visit Uncle Sam’s country.

Bro. Chess, can you accept an invitation from the first Black American President Obama to visit the White House  for talks? If the powers-that-be in Washington extend an invitation  to Bro. Ray he can afford to turn up without any fears of being arrested.

Bro. Chess, please do not forget that Ray Roberts does not have anything like trafficking in arms and ammunition as skeleton in his cupboard.

Bro. Chess, you are right now the third highest office holder in the land and this office holder cannot visit the United States to engage with Washington on development issues for the Spice Isle. Shame on you Bro. Chess. You should step down as President of the Senate.

Bro. Chess, our labour senator was never arrested in the United States on arms and ammunition trafficking. Also, Bro. Ray never fled from justice as you did with your partner in crime, the late Jim Wardally.

Bro. Chess you are right now sitting on a gold mine and should try and exploit it to make some money to take care of yourself financially since you are now an old man and almost in the twilight of your life.

Listen senior citizen, you should try and top up the retirement package from TAWU and the CCC since the Structural Adjustment Programme might impact heavily on your pocket.

Instead of only trying to belittle Comrade Ray, please spend some time writing your memoirs so that Grenadians can be properly educated on that hidden and dark secret of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

Please Comrade, tell us about the means and methods used to smuggle the arms and ammunition from the U.S into Grenada. The thing that Grenadians would most want to read about in  your memoirs is the Grenada Escape from inside the belly of the Capitalist Whale and straight into St. George’s.

Comrade Chess, it is time for us to be told the truth – nothing but the truth so help me God. I can remember when you took the Oath as President of the Senate you refused to use the words – “So Help Me God”.

I would not spend much time on that because everybody in Grenada know that you do not believe in the existence of God The Creator.

Bro. Chess, come forward  and bring an end to all the talk about the Great Escape from the U.S and tell us whether or not the Cubans dressed you up as a flight attendant while on bail and secretly flew you into Havana and then to Grenada.

Chess, the next time there is a Senate meeting, please find the appropriate time to spill your guts to the nation on the Great Escape as this will be one of the best sellers in Grenada since the collapse of the Grenada Revolution.

Comrade, I would rather spend my time listening to you cleansing your soul than picking little fights every week with Bro. Ray to show him who is in charge in the Senate.
Chess, ah watching you and will deal with you appropriately if you don’t change your petty little ways and behaviour.

KCM did tell me once that he is afraid of you because you ain’t fraid to dead and any man who don’t afraid death is not a man to trust.

As a former revolutionary, I am not afraid of you because your past will not allow you to do me anything with guns and ammunition as you wish that the nation will never remember your role in the 1970’s.

Truth Seeker

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