Education, Fun …Electrifying!!

What an exciting day it turned out to be. With Mother Nature’s unpredictable ways we dreaded the outpour of rain. However, it turned out to be the perfect day. The air was filled with electrifying energy and anticipation. The stage was set for what would turn out to be a splendid evening.

The kids streamed in with their parents eager to sample all the wonderful activities lined up for them at the Uncle Luni Spark &Electrify Kids Fun Day. An event organised by soca artiste, educational and cultural ambassadors Kellon and Kelson Ogiste. It was their way of giving back to the kids by providing them with a clean, fun filled and thrilling day of activities.

We were the last business to collaborate with the event. As educators, we know it was a fantastic venture to be involved with

Luni Spark & Electrify represent the epitome of positivity and are outstanding role models for our nation’s children.

With our small business Dee’s School and Stationery Supplies we know it was a function that we could not miss. The kids did not lack for entertainment from the bouncy castle, slides, go cart racing, face painting and numerous giveaways – they could not have asked for more.

It was a wholesome family, fun filled event. Although, there was music it was at a level where parents and the kids were able to carry on their conversations without screaming at the top of their voices.

Kerron Bernard walked away a happy young man after winning a complete back to school hamper courtesy Dee’s School and Stationery Supplies.

We at Dee’s School and Stationery Supplies felt proud to be part of such an experience. Our small business was born out of what we saw as a need for such in the town of Grenville.

Beyond providing quality supplies at an affordable price we also extended our business as a place of education and learning focusing on Reading and Adult Literacy. We saw the need to encourage and promote literacy among our kids and adults as well.

Luni Spark & Electrify, thank you again and all the best in your upcoming competitions. We know you will do Crown City Proud!! Continue to give of your unstinting services!

Donnarieve and Brian Thomas
Mr. Ogiste  and Kerron Bernard

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