Dangerous practice!

There is a very dangerous practice taking place on our nation’s road especially in the south of the island within the vicinity of Mont Toute Hill leading to the Food Fair supermarket along the corner by the Laundry Mart.

I cannot help but wonder what’s wrong with the young men who are using the small bicycles to engage in stupidness on the road.

Often times, two of them are seen on top of the bike and dangerously riding down the Mont Toute hill at full speed – in my estimation travelling about fifty to sixty miles an hour with absolutely no lights on the bikes.

Imagine these people are coming round the corner with speed on such a crowded road as so many people are coming from shopping at the supermarket.

I can tell you that more than one accident has already happened there.

Only last night two of the young folks – boy and girl – who were riding and bounced a dog with so much speed in the dark.

I do not know if the dog survived but the riders on that bike was badly hurt and had to be taken to the hospital.

This is very reckless in my view as they could run into persons and not only the dog. That practice should stop immediately.

Let us not forget that these bikes do not have insurance and when someone gets into an accident there is no form of redress because it is just some young guys riding and experimenting with their bikes dangerously with no head lights, reflectors, and horn. This is pure madness.

I had spoken to someone who met in a similar accident and had suffered two broken ribs and had to foot all of the medical bills on his own.

What about the young child who can end up with permanent disabilities? Is that fair to the child just because of these careless and reckless young men on the bikes?

The law has to take its course, the police have to be more vigilant in their patrolling and not only looking for drugs and other forms of lawlessness. A person’s safety must be realised at all times.

We are not a lawless society – neither a society of anarchism. On another note, there are some drivers who may be very focused on making a living but my God how can they use the principal road in the busiest hours of the morning and evening and hold up the traffic teaching people to drive especially along the main road leading to the Spiceland Mall.

And it is like no big deal for them. I honestly cannot see the wisdom in that – we must be crazy. Why can’t the authority designate a place for these learners so people don’t have to spend so much time waiting on them in such a busy period.

It is unfair to other road users to be forced to wait on them to make they three pointers turns. There must be a better way to do this in a modern society as this type of behaviour clearly cannot be tolerated.

You just do not waste people time like that because we have to be more considerate.

When the police talk so much about community policing, these are some of the concerns that they should address.

As I have always said we are a reactive people and we only wait for things to happen rather than taking a pro-active approach so it could be avoided in the first place.

Let us not run this country like our own little plantation but rather have respect for other people’s rights.

In so doing, let the law apply equally because we are governed by the rule of laws and sanctions that are established for the safety of our society.

Kennedy Jawahir

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