Time for ‘Keith Exit’

PM Mitchell, Gregory Bowen and the NNP have devalued Grenada to such a low value that the island now has the highest unemployment’ rate in the world.

Mitchell’s economic policies and the IMF structural adjustment program have stifled economic growth, resulting in an unemployment rate that is out of control.

Unemployment among the young people, a critical voting bloc in the next elections, is approaching record high of 60%. As a result of his tax polices the middle class is shrinking very quickly, poverty is increasing and more and more people are desperate.

Dr. Mitchell must take full responsibility for the dire state of affairs in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. His management and leadership of the country over the years, especially the last three years, have shown that he is out of touch with the aspirations of the people. He has lost the trust and confidence of the vast majority of the people.

A leopard can’t change its spots. If the majority of Grenadians who voted for the NNP in the last general elections expected anything different from Keith Mitchell and the NNP then they are sadly disappointed.

For the last three years Mitchell and the NNP have vacillated and flip-flopped on so many national issues. From the Electronic Crimes Bill to constitutional reform to cabinet reshuffles he has sent so much mixed signals. The referendum for the reform of Grenada’s constitution carded for April 2014 has been postponed many times.

There is still no set date for this referendum.

The government seems to be in complete disarray with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of ministers speaking on both sides of their mouth on issues of national interest.

Given the overwhelming mandate that Mitchell and the NNP got in the last elections, he has failed for the second time to use such a mandate to move the country forward. Frankly he has ran out of ideas.

He seems to have no strategy except taxing the people to ignite the economy. Agriculture is dead, tourism is fast declining, exports of goods and services are extremely low, imports ridiculously high.

In the past three years Mitchell has slapped over 20 new taxes and levies on the backs of the Grenadian people. Property tax has doubled while Petrol tax has increased by 100%. Like his buddy David Cameron, the disgraced Prime Minister of England, Mitchell has lost his credibility and integrity with the people. Like Cameron, he has lost touch with the common man. He has created a high priesthood with his new found traitor friends in Chester Humphrey, Peter David and associates.

Given the defeat suffered by Cameron on the recent referendum in England, Mitchell may further postpone the pending referendum on constitutional reform in Grenada. Cameron lost in England even with the support of the main opposition British Labour Party.

Mitchell’s NNP and Nazim Burke’s NDC have been at odds on the constitutional reform process and so it is highly improbable that he can win a referendum on constitutional reform without the support of the opposition.

If the referendum is held sometime later this year, early next year and the YES vote loses, would Mitchell take the route of David Cameron and resign as Prime Minister? Or would he selfishly stay on and further devalue Grenada and its people? Only time will tell. It is however not in the nature of black politicians to resign gracefully from positions of status.

A defeat for Mitchell and the NNP is highly possible whenever the referendum on constitutional reform is held, if at all. PM Mitchell instead of risking a loss in a referendum may instead call a snap election where he believes the probability of winning is greater.

Interesting times lie ahead for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The NNP is fast changing gears and they are rapidly getting their election machinery in place. The fairy tale promises have begun. Talk of house repair program is on the front burner after three and a half years. MPs all of a sudden have resurfaced and ready to fool the unsuspecting electorate again. The PM has changed into his whites and playing cricket in the wet season. The dotish season has begun.

The time is right for the exit of Keith Mitchell, Gregory Bowen, Elvin Nimrod, Clarice Modeste, Anthony Boatswain, Yolande Bain-Horsford, and the other failures within the NNP cabinet and parliament. Fresh blood is needed to move the country forward.

Time for a change of government. The people are craving for inspirational leadership. The status of the country can’t be devalued any further by this current regime. Politicians must be aware of when they are no longer effective and move out. One can’t expect to do the same crap and expect a different result. Enough of the devaluation of the country.

St Kitts took quick action against those individuals who violated the principle of their Citizenship By Investment program by revoking the passports of those charged with fraud, in Grenada on the other hand it’s business like usual. The corrupt mentality of the NNP is plain to see by all and sundry. Election coming.

Campaign monies are the motivating factor. Grenadians should remember who feeding them. The devaluation of the country is at a pinnacle under Mitchell and the NNP.

The future of Grenada and its young people is being compromised by Mitchell and the NNP. The young people are the nation’s most valuable asset. Mitchell and the NNP should not be allowed to devalue them any further.

Grenada can’t afford for the gravediggers of the economy to turn the young people into gravediggers. The young people need hope, jobs and a future to look forward to, not hopelessness.

Drug use, alcohol consumption and prostitution are destroying the soul of the nation. The nation’s young women are seen as objects and sex symbols and the young males as drunks and bullies. Change is needed and the time is now.

Grenadian Class

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