Politics is a science!!!

Our present stock of politicians clearly does not understand what it really means to be a true politician.

You are elected by the people, it should be for the people and it should be with the people.

When a MP becomes a representative of the people, you now became a caretaker, a servant, you are given stewardship of that particular jurisdiction to serve without fear or favour and not to look to see if that person or this person is a supporter of green or the yellow party.

I can recall how the NNP used to cry down the NDC for taking out ten dollars on de-bushing from the daily paid workers and they came into office and they did worse. They cut these people pay from $80.00 to about $30.00 – $35.00 today including Supervisors.

Could you trust politicians any time? They all are liars.  After we talk so much of closing the poverty gap we have seen that gap widened.

I honestly do not know when we will stop victimising peoplea who you assume are not supporting your party.

Very few if any NDC supporters were able to benefit from some of the social programs such as the house repair programme. Most of the persons who benefited exclusively from the programme were and are the NNP supporters.

This is wrong. When one becomes Prime Minister he or she ought to know that they are now the Prime Minister of Grenada and not just NNP or NDC supporters but for all of Grenada.

It kills me dead to hear a politician say that he will wipe out corruption when in truth and in fact he will be part of the same corruption. The people are always the losers because a Prime Minister and an MP only have to make two terms in office and they have a life time pension, whereby the people, have to wait until they turn sixty years and over before they can face the NIS. I do not call this people’s power.

My other great concern is that as soon as some of these people win their seats they become changed people. All of a certain, they become the most important person with little or no visit to their constituencies and forgetting that they are servants of the people and now driving in vehicles with their dark glasses up and no longer down.

Politicians should be clear on their roles and responsibilities and should be held accountable. Most of them are afraid to tackle the level of poverty, which exists within their own constituency, and as a result they keep ducking from these burning issues and facing the poor people despite the promises, which were made to them.

We tend to get these things wrong and we are not learning from the mistakes made by others. Really and truly they have not been good examples for young people to follow.

As I have always said politics and decency have nothing in common.

Please don’t take my word for it but do the research. “Uncle Tilly” is maybe the most honest person I have known and imagine he could not have survived more than one term in office. That tells me what we really glorify today as good and decent.

To me the more devious you are and the more lies you tell the greater your chances are of being re-elected in office. We don’t have to look far to see if what I am saying is true. I call them politriktions and not politicians.

It’s right here with us. Wake up my people.

Kennedy Jawahir

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