End the monopoly!!!

As a Grenadian devoted to small PV (solar energy) for low revenue families, I applaud Health Minister, The Honourable Nickolas Steele for his comments on the 2016 Energy Bill.

This bill will empower the Energy Commission to request Grenlec to accept Net Metering (extra electricity you do not need is sold back to Grenlec for a fair value per Kwh).

For more than 4 years Grenlec is saying that there is not enough land/space to increase renewable Energy. Mr Grenlec, there are 40,000 rooftops ready to operate 1,000W (small family) to 5,000W (small business) with modular inexpensive PV which will provide 20 years of free electricity to the owner and the loan will pay by itself with monthly electricity bill saving (ROI of 3 to 4 years). Visit www.carriacousolar.com.

For many years, I did try to promote Barbados’ successful Net Metering Rider to Grenlec. Their standard contract is totally unfair and make impossible Home and Small Business Solar PV installation (More than 99 years payback). All Caribbean Islands and 43 USA states have net-metering. Who is wrong?

Electricians will not like me but a 1,000W Solar System could be safely installed by a home owner with a drill, a few roof screws, PVC pipes, extension cord and disconnect box.

According to the 2015 Grenlec Annual Report, there is 1,800 MWh renewable energy on a total of 184,040 MWh consumption (less than 1%). How Grenlec alone could achieve 20% by 2020 and 100% by 2030 without thousands of Grenadians installing rooftop Solar PV panels like most countries worldwide?
Further to the publication of the Grenada National Energy Policy (2011), the “Grenada Vision 2030” lays down the proposal to establish a 100% renewable energy target for both the electricity and transport sectors for 2030.

The mission statement: To become a world-class energy service provider and to be the corporate leader in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders. (meaning shareholders)
I am a Grenadian who cares about our ocean, acid rain, air pollution, global warming, CO2.
Please sign the petition to help the Grenada Government to hold their position against Grenlec’s monopoly.

Richard Laflamme

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