Inquisitive unabashed teens

The voyeurs among us (mostly adult) who thrive on eroticism, but hide behind the hypocrisy of decrying teen (human) sexuality should take a second and maybe third look in the mirror. When people, including teens, exchange highly personal explicit pictures between themselves there is the expectation of privacy.

Immature young adulthood – thinking with anything but their brains – are horrendous for doing silly things with no thought of consequences, may post inappropriate spicy material on facebook, but they are not exhibitionists. Shamefully, adults who pour scorn on this as pornography, store the images on their phones and forward to all and sundry – no different from “pimps” peddling smut and using adolescents as scapegoats.

Teens of every era have a difficult time dealing with their new found sexuality, many unprepared for that journey, falter as hormones go wild. Sex is natural, exciting and appealing – as natural as eating and breathing – having many positive physical and healthy emotions benefits that may not be otherwise fulfilled. It is not unusual that older generation women suffer from emotional trauma – a result of being told as adolescents that sex was dirty – and have never experienced the “joy and fulfillment of Sex.”

Show me a happy emotionally sound and contented woman and you have shown someone who enjoys sex without the guilt trips that still sting many of the older generation existing in drab relationships with husbands and children.

For the enlightened or reoriented, the heavenly bliss of sex for pleasure and procreation fulfills life – boredom, depression and mental anguish out the door – days dawn with love and full vigor.

In a social atmosphere mixed with suspicion, deception, misinformation, prudes also rebuke as depraved the instinctive human desire that drives teens to explore and experiment with their bodies, naively, ever before finding that happy medium of love and sensuality.

Tainted by the stigma that those urges are unnatural, some never do and withdraw to the humdrum of mere existence citing the evils of earthly pleasure. They prematurely grow old, the mind stagnates, the generation gap grows wider, the excitement of living and sexuality reaching new horizons is shut off; both body and mind wither waiting for the final moment.

Teens today are inquisitive; as well they ought to be, proactive and in tune with advanced technologies, new philosophies and a revolutionary free thinking spirit unknown to generations before them.

Regressive soldiers of an age gone by still cling to the antiquated intellectual ammunition that has scant application in the 21st Century. With the knowledge base supplanted in quick succession – three to five years – teens foster ties among themselves learning in down-to-earth ways from each other, frequently on facebook and other social media.

They literally share unabashedly, body, mind and soul. No longer are teens afraid to talk openly about penises and vaginas, when penises are surgically changed to vaginas and vaginas to penises, when gays and lesbians are out the closet and legalised same sex marriage is spreading in progressive and liberal countries throughout the world, teens today feel free from the taboos of yesterday in expressing their sexuality; and why not?

Transitioning from carefree teenagers to adults and adult responsibility can be challenging. Vulnerable and without preparation for a rough and tumble competitive “dog eat dog” world, and full of zest still harbouring the innocence of youth, they venture out to fend for themselves.

Adults who condemn youth behaviour circle like vultures waiting to strip carcasses of baited innocent teens fallen prey to the holier-than-thou! What has become of the caring, the compassion, the love and affection for youngsters, who through ruptured families – no fault of their own – are left to stumble and fall by the wayside, only to be lured into dens of iniquity?

The question of great consequence: lured by whom? Standing at the Gates on the Day of Judgment, it would be remarkable to observe St. Peter’s thumb for the uprightly, up or down!!

Kit Stonewalling

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