Playing games with Grenlec-WRB, education, unemployment and health

“Who want to play games let them play games.”

This is one of the most favourite quotes of the Prime Minister of Grenada Dr Keith Mitchell. I was of the opinion that this particular quote was directed at the main opposition NDC. However to my surprise this quote was mentioned in a speech the Prime Minister gave recently in Barbados in his capacity as Chairman of the CARICOM Board on West Indian Cricket.

It seems that this quote has gone regional and was directed at the Prime Minister’s latest enemy, the West Indies Cricket Board and its Chairman Dave Cameron. Mitchell seems to have lost this battle against the West Indies Cricket Board and has just come to the realisation that the West Indies Cricket Board and its executive is not in his sphere of influence like Happy Hill and its environs.

He indicated that he may be giving up that post very soon; a decision that I believe is timely since he is causing more harm than good to West Indies cricket.

If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. And for those who enjoy ‘playing sinister games’ will one day fall victim to these games.

Mitchell and Bowen have been playing games with Grenlec for over a decade. These two men, a former Minister of Communication and Works and now Prime Minister, and a former employee of Grenlec and now Minister of Communication and Works, seem to have a serious grudge and obsession with the company for whatever reason only the ‘devil’ know.

Ever since the privatisation of Grenlec the company has invested millions of dollars in the economy. Lest as a nation we forget, let me remind the powers-that-be following the passage of Hurricanes Ivan and Emily, Grenlec was able to restore and upgrade its electrical network in record time given the devastation that occurred.

That upgrade and expansion continue up to this present day. Today Grenada has one of the most reliable and efficient suppliers of electrical energy in the entire Caribbean. There is electricity throughout the entire country.

Can you imagine at a time of a serious structural adjustment program what the impact would be on the national economy if Grenada was to experience the many ‘blackouts’ that occurred when Mitchell was Minister of Communications and Works and Bowen a senior employee of the company back in the 1980s -1990s?

If there is another very bright spot in Grenada’s development post the revolutionary years it is the evolution of Grenlec/WRB. The growth and development of Grenlec over the years occurred without the support of Mitchell and Bowen.It occurred through the hard work and dedication of the management and employees of the company.

Grenlec isn’t in the business of playing games with the electricity supply in the country or the lives of the people and its employees.

Even after the NNP removed most of its concessions as part of the structural adjustment program the company continues to invest millions of dollars, didn’t retrench any of its staff and remained one of the best cooperative companies in Grenada.

Unlike some of the other utility companies, Grenlec’s customer service is impeccable. Customers’ service are not being’cut off’ for the nonpayment of one or two months bills, Grenlec affords its customers some breathing space as it relates to their retention of service.

The company is not without its faults and flaws, however, customers’ experience with Grenlec is much better than those of even their elected government and parliamentarians.

If the service of Grenlec is so poor and is stifling economic growth, then Dr. Mitchell and Gregory Bowen should lead by example, remove their electrical supply from the national grid, invest heavily in renewable energy and create some much needed employment for the thousands of young men and women who are roaming the streets of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Then and only then they can take on Grenlec and win the battle they are waging against WRB.

Given the present state of Grenada’s economy, the high unemployment rate plaguing the nation, the many problems in education, agriculture, the public service and health care, the time is right to ‘liberalise and liberate Grenada’s Parliament’.

The cost to Grenada of running this current parliament is exorbitant, with the customers NOT getting value for money. The ‘monopoly status’ enjoyed by this parliament is severely stifling and curtailing economic growth and sustainable development. Like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and St Kitts that have ‘liberalized ‘ their Parliament, for Grenada to grow, NNP must go.

Liberalisation of the electricity is good for Grenada! However ‘liberalisation and liberation’ of Grenada’s Parliament is the ‘BEST’ thing after the Revolution that can happen to Grenada.

When the people obtain ‘real and genuine power’, Minister Steele shall be no more. Steele has been grossly disrespectful to the people.

When the people obtain ‘lasting power’, Mitchell, Bowen and the NNP shall be no more. These men and their party are an albatross around the necks of the young people of Grenada. They continue to stifle the dreams and aspirations of the youths through their mamagisms, dogmatism, lies and dishonesty.

Where are the ‘laptops/tablets’ for the nation’s students?

Individuals who deceive and mislead children are not fit to lead a nation.

Liberate and liberalise Grenada’s parliament today so that the children can enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

Grenadian Class

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