NNP activist in denial!!!

I am asking you to publish this article in response to a letter written by Mr. Winston Strachan which appeared in the NEW TODAY newspaper, edition of June 17th entitled, “Tax the Polluters to fix health care”.

While I saw a beautiful headline, I thought that this article was a pollution and health  issue related to  the environment but as I read the article I became convinced that this was a clear  attack on Mr. Nazim  Burke.

To my dismay, Mr. Strachan went on to question whether Mr. Burke will do different or better than what the present government has done and is doing.

Mr. Strachan, in order to truly understand how we got where we are today ,we first have to look at where we were before and  who brought us where  we are  at present.

Maybe Sir you were not in Grenada, or you were in a coma when the National Democratic Congress left office in 1995. They left a debt of only 375, 000, 000.00 (Three hundred and seventy five million dollars) which was partly accumulated including twenty nine years of Gairy.

When the NNP took office in 1995 due to reckless and unnecessary borrowing at high interest rates on commercial loans  they  ran this country’s debts to  1.6 billion dollars by 2005. Do you have the heart to ask Nazim Burke what he will do better or different?

Were you around sir when over $9, 000,000.00  (Nine million US) disappeared under the Gardens Group Hotels?  Were you around sir when $9,000,000.00 were misappropriated  from the Call Center in St. Andrew?  Were you in  Grenada when over  $400, 000, 000.00 were misappropriated from First Bank? Were  you around sir when government lost over $7, 000, 000.00 which were misappropriated by a so-called developer Mr. Miller?

Sir, do you remember that the poor farmers and people at Mt. Hartman lost their livelihood to Mr. Miller’s dream project?

I am bewildered sir by your state of denial. Look at the eyesore in Levera – over $26, 000,000.00 were spent there sir and yet depriving the people from their hard-earned property which remains a disaster of the NNP rule in power.

Sir, was it right for the NNP and its followers to mislead  and distort the facts over the sale of Grenlec when we all knew who was the real culprit in destroying the CDC company as revealed by the Worrell  report?

It was not Nazim  Burke’s report – it was the report of the Commission of Inquiry to find out what really happened.

And sir, who was responsible for what happened with that company? Sir, please ask Gregory Bowen and one Denis Campbell – the family member from Happy Hill of PM Mitchell.

These people did things, according to the Worrell report which ended up costing the company some dollars.

And on top of that Mr. Bowen has the heart to tell the Grenadian people that the NDC ended up with only  $9 000.000.00 when in truth and in fact, it was  he himself who brought that company to its knees  when  Grenada was experiencing the worse blackouts and load shedding  costing the business sector millions of dollars.

When the NDC came in office in order to alleviate this burning issue facing the country, they had to find a solution by rapidly stabilising the energy sector which was hindering growth and development in the country.

For those of us who don’t  have the chance to read, I am grateful for people like Nazim Burke who really and truly and eloquently have  unmasked” Gregory Bowen” and his role in that company from 1988 to the 1990s  as taken from the Worrell report.

I want to ask Mr. Strachan what was the plan that the NNP had for Grenada prior to the 2013 general election. Wasn’t it a bunch of lies to further tom-fool  the Grenadian people?

Based on the unrealistic and empty promises, how dear you could now to have the guts to question Mr. Burke if he could do better and knowing fully well that they had lied to the Grenadian electorate and had no plans to take this country forward?

Where were you sir when the NNP put out the most nastiest  of political campaign adds in the 2008 elections with the intention of dragging decent  people, like  the late Honourable George Brizan into the gutter by lying to Grenada that if the NDC was to win  the election, that they would have taken the country straight back into structural  adjustment and an IMF programme?

Were you asleep? Mr. Strachan – who was the one to take us back there today? Were you still in a coma when our present Prime Minister said during his time in opposition that the NDC was ripping out the pockets of the Grenadian people  in taxes and that you cannot tax your way out of a crisis?

Who Mr. Strachan that put on 28 taxes on the backs of Grenadians and have them now living under austerity measures with little or no disposable income?

Stop the denial and get in touch with the reality Sir, because for your information Nazim Burke will be the next Prime Minister of Grenada.

Kennedy Jawahir

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