Camerhogne Park 111

When I write, I write from a biblical World View the most hated view by this World Order that is fast coming on upon the earth.

The Biblical World View runs contrary, sadly to the peoples, institutions, programmes, laws and policies of the New World Order. The highest creation of Almighty God is human beings. Man is at the Zenith of God’s creation and is given dominion by God to govern and rule over planet earth and its creatures (Gen 1:28).

We see the genius, brilliance and distinction of man by the things he has accomplished all around us. No other created creature has accomplished anything new since they were created. They all remained in the same condition as they were created. Man is it!

The well-being therefore of mankind comes before all other creatures or things. A government at all times and especially in stressful times have to create avenues of employment for its people first before any other thing, speaking in the context of the hotel going at Camerhogne Park.

Camerhogne was the name given to Grenada by the Amerindians before the Europeans came. So, anywhere you put a park you could call it Camerhogne Park to keep the name alive. It’s interesting that we are having the discussion about Camerhogne Park and the name. I have been saying to people in these very recent years that the days of the Caribs and Arawaks have returned to Grenada and the region. The only difference is that the Caribs and Arawaks today have the mark of the beast, walking within the form of National I.D. cards, voters’ cards and microchips as I have written in previously published articles.

This is the time to return to fishing, hunting and farming as the Caribs and Arawaks did and come out of this rising Babylon. They are giving people the mark of the beast and selling People’s souls by these IDs. I am saying from a biblical Point of View that mankind days and times are numbered and is about to be changed apocalyptically. Therefore if a millionaire has money and he wants to spend it in Grenada allow the man to spend it in the shortest time we have remaining, so the people could find employment and look after themselves and family.

Money is a rarity and we might become a cashless society very soon, so let the man spend his money. Trust the government to put the proper checks and balances in place to monitor the development. Anywhere you put development the environment will be disturbed, something will be destroyed and displaced. That’s one of the prices one has to pay for development.

This is the time for Grenada to come out of most of the systems and agreements it has entangled itself in with the international community and is still doing today. Most of it I don’t even think we know what we are signing but it is mostly about money and selling the peoples souls in the process. Stop selling the souls of the people – that’s the most serious and important thing, not Camerhogne Park!

Those that oppose the building of the hotel feel they have all the intelligence and brilliance and everybody that supports are fools. That’s the sense I get from those who are most vocal on the issue. They are the ones who rush to change the last voters’ registration card and implemented the new, the mark of the beast. It was about money and they were deceived.

Friends, open your eyes. Everybody has intelligence. No two persons are the same or you would have had houses, land, cars etc. while the other persons would have been living in the bushes and under trees, etc. With your militancy you are pushing for that. Don’t disrespect the government’s intelligence. The people gave them all 15 seats contested and it looks like they are paying salaries on time, etc.

Hey I want to make it abundantly clear that I support no political party and have no issue with any politician. I stand up for the truth and what is right according to the Bible. My view is that all the politicians and their unchristian mode of operandi are expired.

Tillman Thomas as a former Prime Minister and leader made some statements published in the New Today, 6th May, 2016 weekly publication in an article entitled workers support the ‘Save Camerhogne Park’ Campaign. I will just summarise very short what he said and I think his saying capsulized the spirit and feelings of the opposing side about the hotel at Camerhogne Park.

The paper quoted him as saying the majority of conscious Grenadians are prepared to defend Camerhogne Park, so what does he mean? I am unconscious because I think otherwise? Strange, the last time I checked I am fully conscious and cannot be easily carried away by the majority whims and fantasies.

The Bible says that the broad way has the majority that leads to hell but the narrow way has few to heaven. That says the majority is not always right (Matt. 7: 13, 14). He said people who proposed the sale are not fit to be Grenadians. The article went on; he said those who remain silent on the issue should be seen as unpatriotic. I thought I was in Democratic Grenada, not so? That’s the kind of evil spirit and mindset that’s on the opposing side of this project. Sad, very sad.

I thought this was a democracy where you have freedom and responsible speech but no this not so for opposition forces and it’s dangerous. You have to be with them or leave Grenada it seems. That’s why in recent years again I have coined a new word ‘demoncrazy’ to replace democracy for it’s a pure demoncrazy Grenada. So on top of all this Camerhogne Park controversy, I propose Camerhogne Park No III.

Along with the areas the government and developer propose to develop on the beach, I propose also assistance from friendly governments like Guyana for timber. Apparently some of the Amerindians came from there.

Derek Sealey

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