Those vessels on the Carenage!!!

Your assistance is sought by way of space in your newspaper in order to draw to the attention of whoever is responsible for the proper maintenance of the side walk along the sea side of the Carenage.

The surface of the side walk in some parts have deteriorated and is in much need of repairs. As for the part facing the sea, I could hardly find a word that can really refer to its terrible condition.

All I can say is that there are bits of corroded steel sticking out of the broken concrete posing possible danger to users of the area.

Beside the aforementioned, it boggles my mind when I see most of the drain outlets, from the area of the Nutmeg Restaurant to the Fire Station which were/are intended to allow water to flow into the sea, especially during the rainy season, enabling pedestrians/motorists to experience as little as possible water on the road so that all may be more comfortable when using the road, are blocked as a result of the vessels, fishing trawlers, Rhum Runner among others using the outlets by way of chains, cables, rope being passed from the sea side through those outlets, and are fastened permanently to bits of pipe, iron, wood or what have you, causing blockages and damage.

Who is responsible for the proper maintenance, not only of the sidewalk, but also the sea walls – the Ministry of Works and or the Grenada Ports Authority? Are they prepared to compensate users who may suffer possible major damage as a result of their negligence?

Cognisant of the importance of the fishing trawlers and vessels, which by way of their trade bring much needed revenue to our impoverished economy; could they not be placed elsewhere to do their repairs rather than being tied up along the Carenage for very long periods causing much inconvenience to pedestrians and the trucking of goods to and from the boats which ply the Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines trade?

Look at the congestion which takes place there – the problems, the ambulances and Fire Trucks encounter at times when called into service.

If some of those trawlers are placed elsewhere, the vessels would have more berthing space enabling the trucks to have more space to better facilitate the loading and off loading of goods.

It is past high time that all these matters are properly addressed.

Simeon Green

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