NNP always bring a special type of investor!!!

I do not  understand how every time the NNP gets in office the party seems to be attracting  a special type of investor – a type of people whose names are involved in not many good things.

They always attract shady  and questionable individuals who in most cases deprive people off their monies and who are not clean but often defraud people of their hard  earnings.

It is always the same tune being sung – no form of  background checks on these type of fraudsters.

The NNP said how things would have been done differently when they get back in office. Isn’t it ironic that they continue to find the same type of investors that most country should  or would stay away from?

In NNP’s quest and desperation for money and investment for our country they don’t care how much of Grenada they may have to sacrifice.

It is  erroneous to believe that the NNP has been a changed body of people. Look at the slate of candidate and look at who is still leading them – look at the Number one and Number two men of the NNP party and we will see if is not the same men who are completing almost seventeen years in office at the helm of the same party and government.

Could you imagine that we were taking this Chinese investor at face value without understanding why he would want to invest two billion dollars into a little island so far south that cruise  ships even find it difficult to service during the off-seasons.

In my view Nazim Burke was right when he made the observation about that so-called investor.

Things are already coming to light. We have to be very careful about the type of investors we are bringing in because this country has too much limited resources due to bad deals and devious and corrupted elements.

That must never be again. If we are not careful, we will be known as a safe haven  for corrupted investors.

The current scenario does not surprise me because the writing was on the wall if we look back at  the NNP track record.

My only problem is that Grenadians are being taken advantage of and to me they are not learning their lessons.

And do you know what is sad -, the first thing the NNP echoed was that the NDC was opposing every thing that they are trying to do. But look at their record – how Grenadians could continue to trust the NNP?

In my opinion this NNP government is a very clandestine government that loves secrecy and love to keep information from the public.

This government is not a transparent government. This recent development is not looking good for Grenada again. While our prime farm land are now being exacerbated in Mt. Hartman without proper checks and investigation.

Could you imagine that is the same  location which the NNP gave to another so-called developer depriving taxpayers and the state of Grenada some seven million dollars. There are more questions than answers.

 Kennedy Jawahir

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