Hotels are suffering!!!

This government’s main focus prior to and during the election campaign was to help the private sector, and to empower the poor and vulnerable.

But unfortunately after three years of NNP in power things have gotten worse. Take a look at the seventy businesses mainly private sector that have closed down in recent years.

What is also really sad is the hardship, which is facing the hotels apart from the big three, especially the smaller ones.

In my humble view, the government should concentrate on assisting these hotels rather than trying to construct new ones.

We cannot fill all of Grenada hotels room and the tourism sector is called the engine of growth.

The government is taking the tourism sector for granted. Our hotel workers are still being rotated as soon as the month of May comes around.

We should be very worried as I have mentioned before. We are not pro-active, we only react when certain development unfold.

Cuba is rapidly opening up and as we all know that Cuba will attract millions of American tourists, which will adversely affect Grenada’s tourist trade as this is one of Grenada major source market.

We should take heed of the sentiments echoed by two of the Caribbean major tourist destinations, the Bahamas and Jamaica.

We are depending too much on Sandals to do marketing for this country. Government must find ways and means to enhance the airlift and concentrate on more marketing  as a tourism destination.

We have heard all these talk about meetings being held to ensure cruise ship calls in the off-season but up until now I am not seeing anything in place for improving the sector in a serious way.

Is this the government that promised to bring back hope – if I am to use the NNP’s own words.
Most of these new hotels, which are presently under construction, may stand as a white elephant if Grenada continues on the current path.

Look at what Grenadians have to pay for a gallon of petrol – the highest in the region while oil price jump down to an all time low.

Is this the government that pledged to listen to the cry of the people.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves because we will see more and more hotels closing down.  Let us not forget that the NNP has a failed policy – there were no major plans for taking this country forward.

In retrospect, the NNP has only amassed mounting debts on this country to be paid by taxpayers. Look at the twenty-eight taxes – nothing about stimulating the productive sector.

It is clear to see that Grenadians have gotten poorer under this government than four years ago even when we were experiencing global economic hardship.

There are more beggars  in our streets today while more businesses have shut their doors. That’s the same government that turned around and blamed Nazim Burke for bad management.

Grenadians, please open your eyes and see. It is only now Grenadians getting to realise what they have lost – as they look back at programmes, which benefited tremendously the working class people of this country like the free schoolbooks and the free barrels.

More and more people are now calling Uncle Tilly’s name.

Kennedy Jawahir

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