Good luck to the PM and to Grenadians

Grenadian Class, I beg to differ with your belief that Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is on the wrong track embarking on the “Donald Trump brand of politics” to help resolve Grenada’s expanding woes which, in my opinion, is sure to yield positive results while ending the “status quo” brand of politics associated with traditional principles.

There is certainly nothing traditional about the principles and common values facing our world nowadays since entering the new millennium under globalization and the new world order, which changed the way politics and politicians operate. Revolutionary change is underway globally so Grenada is not excluded, fortunately.

The youths of Grenada will adapt to this change as young people almost always do, eventually. Education remains high on the list for ensuring their social and economic successes among the new “millennials” in this century.

I am confident that the prime minister will receive the support from both his party and the opposition party alike for the great success of moving the country forward. The Trump agenda can certainly be modified and tailored to suit the specific needs of Grenada, but using the new concept to ensure its success.

I am puzzled about why agriculture is dead in Grenada! Also, can the Tourist Bureau assemble a dance troupe for the entertainment of tourists during the tourist season? The Watusi dance is quite entertaining when done in the traditional Watusi costume, not to mention the rhythm and beat of this exclusive African tribal sound.

Daily entertainment of this sort can be a boon to the tourist industry.

Additionally, why not create an art museum for viewing along with adding enhanced local and international cuisines in the same vicinity; dining and entertainment go hand in hand. Both the north and south sides of the Island will benefit greatly from this endeavour. Please give it a try, Mr. Prime Minister.

I still love Grenada as much as I did growing up even though I have been badly treated by Grenadians. I guess it’s who will always be in my heart.

Good luck to the PM and to Grenadians on embarking on their new venture.

Joan Commissiong

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