In a Revolution drastic changes take place in the way in which a country is governed, affecting the way society is organised and the way people think about situations.

In Grenada there was a Revolution in 1997, which brought serious changes from a period of dictatorship to a system of people’s democracy.

In any Government, people in leadership positions tend to hold onto certain principles even though there is a need for people’s involvement.

I personally, have been writing articles on a particular newspaper for the past years. It did happen that a specific article was given to the newspaper but after a period of about one year, it was not published because a new editor was involved.

If Maurice Bishop was alive that was a good chance to close down the newspaper for violating its own motto which says, “non political”.

Then certain people would say how the Revolution bad, by automatically making themselves become counter-revolutionaries.

I will like to thank the “New Today newspaper so very much for publishing the article “NDC was a failure”.  That is our democracy, but when we have too much democracy, people usually take advantage of the opportunity to do whatever they feel like doing.

Gairy started off by showing interest in the poorer class of people, but when he gained the support of the people, he developed himself into a dictator, and that was one of the main causes of the Revolution.

His supporters used to sing a song “Gairy have a needle to sew up GNP Asshole”.  He used to feel happy to hear his supporters sing that song, when Herbert Blaize and Ben Jones were mild politicians.  There was no NJM at that time. That is one proof to show that Gairy was not Christian when he was the Premier of Grenada.

When the New Jewel Movement (NJM) came into existence to protest against the criminality of the country, Gairy became fierce and ready to unleash his terror on any new political uprising.

He made proclamation that if the NJM got into government they would kill everybody over forty years of age. He also proclaimed that the NJM would never be able to lower the cost of goods, but when the Revolution took place, the cost of many items went down.

The price of sugar dropped from sixty-five cents per pound to forty-three cents per pound. Additionally, there was free milk distribution in all villages every month.

Gairy used to tell a lot of lies. The Bible says, “Let not an evil speaker be established in the earth, evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him,”  Psalms 140:11.

The People’s Alliance candidates in the 1976 elections were prevented from using loud speakers during the campaign while all GULP candidates were free to use theirs.

The Secret Police was started by Gairy himself, when he told his supporters that whenever it begins to get dark in the evening, anybody who is against the GULP Government, that they must take a piece of wood and beat them.

Violence, murder and criminality were rampant under Gairy’s Government and so the Revolution was most important at that time.

Despite the fact that one Grenadian intellectual is talking all over the world that there was no Revolution in Grenada in 1979, we know for sure that the most wicked, dangerous criminal dictator Eric Gairy was overthrown on the 13th of March 1979 on the island of Grenada.

The National Democratic Congress has revolutionised itself by taking a downward trend. Presently an everlasting curse is falling on the NDC for the freedom of Coard and Austin and the others.

As we face a new revolutionary trend in Grenada it is important for people to admire the valiant efforts of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to bring people from various political parties to work together for national development.

George Radgman

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