Amazing and disgusting Buckmire

We have read with amazement and a great degree of disgust the article written by Dr. E. R. Buckmire, MBE in your May 27, 2016 issue entitled “Disappointment with GCNA!!!”

The ownership of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association by the members of the GCNA has been an issue plaguing the GCNA Board for very many years – over 20 years.

Dr. Buckmire was an on and off member of the Board for many years when this matter was continually being discussed. He claims in his article that “since 2007” he had been “pushing for us, members of the GCNA to OWN the GCNA”.  But Dr. Buckmire was a Board member since before 2007!  He was also again on the Board just prior to 2015 when he claims to have “again contacted them”.

At almost every general meeting as well as at area meetings the topic of ownership continued to be brought up by one or more farmers. Did Dr. Buckmire ever use his position as a Board member to champion the cause?  Why is he offering “to champion this Question of Ownership or to join with any Member of the GCNA Board to do so” now that he is no longer on the Board?

Did he ever, as a member of the Board, which would have been the most opportune time, put his efforts into championing the cause? Did he ever attempt to join with any other Board member while he himself was a Board member to champion the cause?  Please let us know Dr. Buckmire.

We have listened to Dr. Buckmire sometimes on the George Grant programme on a Friday morning talking about the GCNA Board and we just shake our heads in dismay, for he was part of the problem at the GCNA.

We understand that he also served as chair of the Technical Committee while on the Board. What improvements in the GCNA can be attributed to his being chair of the Technical Committee? Yet he has the nerve to end his article by saying “Later on I shall discuss other issues to improve the GCNA…”.

So Dr. Buckmire, when you decide to criticise the GCNA and the Board members, think of the many times when you were a Board member and ask yourself, “What significant contribution did I make? Do I have the right to criticise these people now or at any time when I did not capitalise on the opportunities I may have had to bring about change?”

Why do you pretend to have all the answers now when, as a Board member, you seemingly had none?  Why do you think you can influence the Board now, when as a Board member you apparently was not very influential?

When you decide to criticise the GCNA in the media, let the people know first and foremost that you, too, were a Board member for many years; that you, too, were part of the problem.

Friends of the GCNA

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