Those with ‘vested interests’

The current public discussion about the relocation of Camerhogne Park highlights the urgent need for a proper Physical Development Plan that is implemented and adhered to.

Sadly this much needed discussion has devolved into a Political Football match in which the BIG LOOSER is Grenada, and the estimated 3000 school leavers that exit our schools systems annually.

No one denies the need for Green space and access to our beaches.

Similarly no intelligent person can deny the need for more Hotel Rooms to justify Air Lift, create economies of scale for Farmers, Tour/Taxi Operators, Event Planners, create opportunities for employment at all levels, and spawn Innovation.

No one except “vested interests” who have for Fifty Years denied Grenada the opportunity to grow its hotel capacity with unsubstantiated claims of exclusive Boutique Operations being the way to go, rather than simply being a part of the “mix of product” on offer. This has served certain “vested Interests” well, and they shamelessly flaunt this on the rest of Grenada’s poor.

If you need proof of this fact, here it is… all of these “Boutique Operators” claim not to be  able to exist without MASSIVE SUBSIDIES (non-stop TAX CONCESSIONS) from our impoverished Government. Subsidies that exist for NO other segment of the Economy and whose recipients offer nothing constructive to the National Dialogue but HOT AIR, and sewerage!

I was greatly upset to hear one very “Push UP Hotelier” on T.V. recently “spouting” about raw sewerage “flowing through the grounds when there is heavy rainfall” of a notable Hotel Property. There was more, indeed much attributed to “Mr. Push UP” in your Newspaper of May 6th.

He claimed to have raised with the Keith Mitchell Administration “concerns….. which he described as being appalling and a National Disgrace”.

“The open sewer ditch… runs on either side of Morne Rouge Playing Field …a public health issue and we (who we?) cannot allow any further development..”.

Correctly he informed that the current system that runs to Point Salines “goes into the ocean, flowing raw sewerage … that has not been treated”. “What other country anywhere in the world will … allow development without proper infrastructure, ..roads, water, sewerage etc.” he asks.

Fair questions no doubt, but here are some facts; there is no sewerage flowing through Spice Island Resort, heavy rainfall or otherwise, and God help you when this comes to the attention of the owners who have all the “Stars & Diamonds” to prove otherwise. What on earth were you not thinking?

There is no open sewer ditch on either side of Morne Rouge. This is a storm water drain, and fish live in it to prove otherwise, this is not a National disgrace. The only disgrace is that Government no longer pays to keep the outfall’s clear of sand, something that was last done by the Gairy Government in 1979.

The National disgrace is that none of the beneficiaries of massive subsidies has seen it in their interest to do this simple task which Government fails to do, because Government has no money, having given it all away in TAX CONCESSIONS…. To guess who – Mr. PUSH UP AND OTHERS LIKE HIM?

As for “what Country anywhere in the world will allow…. Raw sewerage to flow into the ocean”? As a recent “come here” and PUSH UP, you don’t know. But guess who gave Grenada the system that flows into the sea?
USAID is who, when they were attempting to divert grey water and sewerage away from the Grand Anse area. This is a permissible solution where there was none, and at any rate was “given to us by White People” like you, who as you seem to allude, know better or best.

So before you go gushing sewerage Mr. Push UP, please better inform yourself, or some people might think you have “vested interests” in keeping Grenada’s Tourism Room Stock inadequate.


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