Please Respect God and His Name!

Who has the GREATEST Name  in the entire universe? Of course, God. In the Bible, we find God’s Name in a number of places, including Exodus 6:3, Psalm 83: 18, Isaiah 12: 2, and Isaiah 26: 4.

God’s name, Jehovah, should be held in the highest esteem. His Son, Jesus Christ, had the highest regard for God’s Name. He made God’s Name known to others as John 17: 6, 26 mention.

I’m calling on all persons to have the highest respect for God’s Name. Some people disrespect it when they associate the name Jehovah with “Wickedness”. How would Jesus Christ be feeling as he looks down from heaven and sees and hears persons using the expression, “Jehovah Wick…”? This is absolute nonsense!

How sad Jesus must feel when his Father’s name is treated so disrespectfully. (John 14:31; John 20:17) God is Holy, yes, pure and clean. (Isaiah 6:3) Wickedness can NEVER be associated with him. How can a person be singing: “Jehovah hide me, I am under the Rock…” and then connect that name of God with wickedness?

Therefore, I call on all persons to treat God’s Name with the respect it deserves. Honour the name of our Creator, for without him, NONE of us would have been alive today. Revelation 4:11.

Simeon James 

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