I will like to totally and completely let the public know that there is absolutely no comparisons with the NDC and the NNP.

If we look back at those two major political parties objectively we will see how unparalleled and unmatched the NDC was to the NNP.

Let us be mindful that NNP met a debt of only 300 million dollars, which was partly accumulated within the 29 years of even the  Gairy era debts.

The fact is that from 1995 to 2008 the NNP pushed up Grenada’s national debt to over $1.6 million dollars making it the largest accumulation of debts since Christopher Columbus discovered Grenada.

The NNP has sold out or literally give away a considerable amount of Grenada’s national assets.

I want to remind Mr. Gittens of his letter in THE NEW TODAY newspaper in last week’s edition.

Let us look at some of the mismatch as follows: The NNP borrowed monies as commercial loans with high interest rates when they came in 1995 after the NDC   returned Grenada to creditworthiness.

The NNP went on a borrowing spree trying to impress Grenadians that concretising Grenada was real progress and was also to win the next general election in a very fanatical way, built a stadium which would have been a burden on the backs of the Grenadian people.

It started with the Trini man who did not put enough steel in the building making it a disaster prone to hurricane as was proven in hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Brothers and sisters, on top of that the stadium was not insured.

Could you imagine that.

Let us not forget the millions of dollars. which were lost to the so-called developer at Mt Hartman and with farmers also loosing their economic livelihood.

Let us not forget the million s of dollars to the Call Center, which was promised to be paid back. Let us not forget the Garden Group hotels loans.

Let us not forget the Levera Golf course project for some 26 million dollars in which most of the people’s lands were lost – taken by government with no compensation.

There is a lovely golf club built into the overgrown trees and a huge cow pasture now in place at that so-called golf course.

Let us not forget the organic banana project in River Antoine with more millions going down the drain.

Let us remember the Van Brink fiasco with the offshore bank where Canadians lost over 400 million.

What about the fowl farm at St. Mark’s – more millions lost courtesy NNP. Grenadians did not even get an egg from the fowl farm.

Let us look at the cost of the briefcase inquiry, which cost the people of Grenada so much. I can literally go on and on and listing much more about the NNP tenure in office.

Let us look at NDC – Mr. Nazim Burke has never given away Grenada’s national asset, he sold some of the old dilapidated  buildings to a Grenadian financial institution, NIS. What this means is that the monies will never leave Grenada.

At a time when the world was experiencing its  worse economic crisis, which struck while the NDC was in office.

I honestly do not know if it was the NNP in office in  that critical period what would have happen to Grenada.

During Mr. Burke’s time as Finance Minister, there were only two times when public workers salaries were late by a day or two and they made a big deal out of it.

I believe for those of us who had any doubts about Nazim Burke’s ability to manage we have to look back at 2008 when there was no money as a matter of fact  and Mr. Burke was accused of only paying back debts.

How can we compare those two parties . The writing is on the walls .
The NNP said that NDC could not manage the country but what Mitchell and NNP did when they took office in 2013 – 28 taxes on the backs of the Grenadian people.

I will like to remind the country about the leader of the NNP when he said that you cannot tax your way out of an economic crisis . What we need to do is vote with our heads and not with our hands.

Kennedy Jawahir

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