Save Grenada – Stop NNP!

The only way to stop the systematic dismantling and giveawaacy of Grenada is to vote OUT the NNP! The 15-0 has led KCM & company to believe that they own us, so they do as they please.

NNP is supported by a curious demographic mix: an army of poor people who have been led to believe that government must provide for them from cradle to grave. As was the case with Pavlov’s experiments in classical conditioning, they get enough scraps to keep them interested and hopeful. Then there is a small, unpatriotic, parasitic layer, which invests in the party to reap the spoils of state power – big contracts, avoidance of taxes and the landing of prestigious positions.

The party financiers are the real beneficiaries of this setup but the poor are too blind to see. They have become accomplices in their own enslavement. Worse yet, they threaten and indoctrinate their children into supporting a setup that is designed to keep them “poor and vulnerable”.

Thinking Grenadians have a responsibility to unite around the NDC, as it is the only party capable of defeating these forces of backwardness.

A sad element in all of this is the complicity of many media entities and personnel. Some talk show hosts and news presenters have given up all pretence of objectivity. Their obvious disregard for professional standards must lead one to wonder whether they are receiving inducements from certain sources to vilify Nazim Burke.

There’s a reason some members of the moneyed class don’t like Burke: as Minister of Finance, he didn’t cut underhand deals that sold Grenada short. Direct phone calls and visits to his office yielded no special favours, hence the tagline “he doh like business”.

Similarly, the spurious charge that he is not a “people’s person” is a concoction of the corrupt ones in order to divert attention from the real issues and the man’s true qualities.

Grenada is now faced with the question of its very existence. The NNP government is hell-bent on destroying our forests, rivers, lakes and coastline, in the name of development even as it signs climate change and environmental protocols, it bringing in investors.

For those who blithely suggest that these “investments” are worth the few jobs where our people are mere hewers of wood and haulers of water, take a look at Haiti. History and future generations of Grenadians will judge us harshly if we do not immediately take a stand to resist and remove the NNP before it’s too late. Even as we move to preserve and protect our little piece of Earth, we must not become xenophobic or intolerant towards genuine investors.

Nevertheless, we have to regain control of our land lest this budding dictatorship deliver us lock, stock & barrel to these rapacious “investors” who are recolonising us with the aid of our own government and the connivance of the Project Grenada crew.

Are we prepared to sell out everything and deny our children the right to own a piece of our beloved Camerhogne?

Grand Etang, Grand Bras, Grand Beach, Grand Anse= Grand Treason! NNP is a scourge that MUST be uprooted before we can build a proud, self-reliant nation.

The middle class and middle ground have to retake the political space now occupied by turncoats and opportunists. The time for waffling over trifles is past. We can’t let the illiterate and the lumpen decide the future of our land for two fortnights of debushing and 3 sheets of ply.

We must rebuke and reject once and for all, those who lurk around established political parties, in the hope of seizing power without having to work for it. Wake up, Grenada!

Soul of the Nation

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