What is a Promise?

Human beings are prone to making mistakes and we all accept that.

However, there is a difference between mistake and policy. When one looks at the NNP and their various actions and statements over the years, the inescapable conclusion is that this party has adopted a policy of deception in its modus operandi.

It is no secret that all political parties want to achieve state power in order to implement their plans. Does this desire for power justify the outright lies and unrealistic promises that often
characterise political campaigns? Apparently, the NNP and their surrogates think so. Election campaign 2013 and NNP’s subsequent behaviour in office will bear me out on my position.

The biggest lie was that investors were lined up, just awaiting the return of the NNP. With victory achieved, the tune changed and we were told that things don’t happen overnight. Then Nikolai said the investors didn’t want to be named. Next he informed us that the ground was “heating up”.

In May, 2013, Mitchell listed several projects that were to begin within 3 months and told Rev. Stanford that he would step down if he couldn’t get the job done. PM Mitchell also announced the arrival of the Saviour Sawiris with his many 5 star hotels on Grand Anse beach.

Riviera Hotel was to be rebuilt by Sawaris, according to Mitchell but Nikolai contradicted Mitch by saying Fakhre was the investor. To date, no clarification by either man.

Another tall tale was Dr. Mitchell’s promise to spend $50 million in his first 100 days and create thousands of jobs. Daily paid workers are still awaiting the promised $10 per day increase on their wages.

NNP pledged to introduce smaller government. Instead, we have a situation where ALL 15 MPs, including those without any Cabinet responsibility, receive ministerial salaries.

Let’s not forget the scores of retired people of no special talent or skill, rehired by government, thus keeping capable young people on the unemployed list. Now, Dr. Mitchell wants to make government even “smaller” by adding 2 constituencies, which could only increase the burden on taxpayers.

NNP promised that there would be no increase in taxation but delivered 28 back-breaking taxes or increases in less than 3 years.

They castigated NDC for introducing VAT, yet NNP raised VAT on construction items from 5% to 15%!

Retrenchment, disguised as outsourcing and reorganisation, is now the order of the day, contrary to NNP’s campaign rhetoric. Remember they said that it was NDC planning to send home workers. They have found a willing partner in the turncoat, Chester Humphrey, who now supports a government that is openly engaged in union-busting.

Humphrey’s reward is a colonial wig. Chess, as a student of history and politics, I’m sure the following names ring a bell as far as their involvement with Dr. Mitchell is concerned: Herbert Blaize, Mark Isaac, Laurina Waldron, Einstein Louison, Spaceman Mitchell, Raphael Fletcher, Michael Baptiste, Malcolm Antoine, Clarence Rapier … I hope you and Pedro have adequate protection. A word to the wise.

The primary and secondary students received the biggest slap in the face though. After being promised laptops and tablets, all they got was a stinging insult by Minister Tony B, who told them that that was the least of his concerns right now.

NNP has colluded with some of its financiers to deny young people meaningful employment through the misuse of the Imani programme.

Rather than hiring them as full-time workers with the usual benefits, the employers get a constant supply of free labour at taxpayers’ expense. After two years of indentured servitude, the youths are back to square one. What happens to the millions of dollars saved by these employers by not having to pay wages? Why is one political party always so well-financed?

As election draws closer, we can expect to see the start of many “projects”. Students may get the laptops even though the conditions cited by Boatswain as holding up the distribution will probably still be present. Debushing and concrete work will suddenly become abundant.

A large scale house repair programme will be embarked on. A few taxes will be removed or reduced and Dr. Mitchell will claim victory in his so-called home grown programme. He will say that the sacrifice was worth it and we are beginning to enjoy the results. After painting a rosy picture, he will then ask for 5 more years.

The investor card will be pulled out again and the promises will be even sweeter next time around. The thinking is that Grenadians have short memory and are easy to “ketch”. I urge everyone to look at the history of NNP promises and not be fooled again. Cut out and save this article and you will see the next NNP campaign unfold just as I predict. This is a lying, deceitful government, bereft of new ideas and only concerned about retaining power for the enrichment of a few.

Vote them OUT at the next opportunity!

Arlington Keith David

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