NNP vs NDC in office!!!

I want to ask each Grenadian to make an honest assessment of the past 3 years under the NNP as compared to the previous 4 with the NDC.

How do you rate the fall in the monthly fiscal deficit from EC$19 Million to just over EC$1 Million? Think of the dedicated and diverse team that made this possible. All the Ministry Staff and consultants working under the leadership of a capable Cabinet to deliver real, tangible, positive and measurable results.

Little wonder each time the IMF visits Grenada they conclude with positive remarks, compliments and further commitments to assist.

All we hear from the opposition is complaints and trumped up lies about the IMANI program. Why not ask the hundreds of young people benefiting from the training and the new opportunities as a result?

Why not ask the gainfully employed persons who have participated in the program and now have jobs?

Where would these young people be today under an administration that lacked the vision to support such a program and lacked the knowledge and skill to execute it. Did the “heart” really care about our Youth?

Grenadians have grown tired of the NOISE of the NDC. They had their chance and almost ruined the country. Unprecedented increases in negative indicators like unemployment and unpaid claims in the Treasury.

In the last three years, despite the significant challenges faced when coming into office the Keith Mitchell-led NNP Government has been able to reverse these negative NDC trends.

Unemployment is down to 30% from a devastating 40% under the NDC.

Unpaid claims have fallen significantly from an NDC high of EC$110 million to EC$29 million but of important note is the fact that claims over 60 days are down to ZERO.

What of the Cabinet and Parliament? Over the last 3 years we have seen stability and progress as compared to infighting, resignations, firings and decay in the NDC time. It’s the leadership of Dr. Mitchell that guides this stability.

Now compare that to the Thomas-led NDC nightmare and let’s not even consider what would be in store for us if this country is led by an arrogant, angry man who cannot even control his temper when a little pressure is applied by a radio announcer.

Both Cabinet and Parliament continue to show a united and positive outlook under the NNP. Why would we even consider the far second alternative.

The fear of “what next” when Mr. Thomas and colleagues traveled to represent Grenada was answered by embarrassment after embarrassment.

However, it’s quite the contrary with Dr. Mitchell and his team as evidenced by renewed confidence in Grenada by the International community.

Prime Minister Cameron (of the United Kingdom) and President Maduro (of Venezuela) would not have even considered coming to Grenada under the NDC but renewed confidence in Grenada will see our international profile lifted to the benefit of all Grenadians, at home and abroad.

We must each clear our minds of all the garbage and lies of the NDC and their supporters and look at the facts and see the clear change to a positive path to continuous development and progress under the NNP and the leadership of Dr. Mitchell as Prime Minister.

Paul Gittens
St. Paul’s

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