International banditry

I once got hold of an American Student Dictionary and was shocked to find that the meaning of the word communism was defined as a government that do not allow freedom!  That’s the type of school in which men and women like Mr. Gregory Thomas belong.

However, in the English Oxford Dictionary, the same word, communism, is defined as an economic system in which the means of production; gas, coal, land which is the main factor of production, are socially owned and control.

Nevertheless, Mr. Thomas will find that no such system, so far, exist on this planet.  In countries like Cuba and China and tyrannical regimes like Saudi Arabia where one can lose one’s hand or head for minor offences, and which America supports, you have what is known as State Capitalism.

The capitalist system as a whole has outlived its usefulness.

In a world awash with food and money, a recent World Bank report found that an estimated three (3) billion persons, including millions in the U.S.A are living in degrading poverty.

Was it the guns that took away the economic freedom of those unfortunate persons?  No, Mr. Thomas, it is the economic system that you gravitate towards.

To add salt and pepper to the social and economic wounds of those persons, an American Republican commentator by the name of Ann Coulter, a supporter of Donald Trump, is on record as saying: ” We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”.

Mr. Thomas, does this statement ring a bell?  That’s the kind of international banditry that so many persons who would regret themselves as ‘educators’ support.

Gregory Thomas can bleat as much as he likes, however, as long as that airport at Point Saline exist, the name Maurice Bishop shall never be forgotten.

E.M Rogers

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