Government has failed the youth!!!

The New National Party government has failed us and will do so again.

It is not news that the 2013 two-party system that ushered Prime Minister Dr. Keith C. Mitchell into office was dominated by the youth owing not only to our demographic supremacy, but also the desire for apt discharge from overgrown degrading unemployment, poverty, crime, better health care, and marginalisation.

Three years later and the NNP government do not have a clear strategy for Grenada’s youths.

Besides deepening unemployment, on Grenada’s economic front, the people are still feeling the wound of an ailing economy, heavily wounded by a corrupt and lying government kleptocracy, quick to defend itself against the truth.

Today Senator and leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nazim V. Burke, is towering as a new symbol of hope for the poorest in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

For us, the NDC means a solution to poverty, unemployment and alcoholism to mention but a few problems, social ills and challenges.

Of course, the NDC is familiar with these realities.

Unfortunately, there is no gainsaying in pointing out that Prime Minister Mitchell has failed to inspire hope among us since he took over office in 2013.

The Government does not seem to have a clear agenda for us. At its best, it is the same old deadwood leadership approach to Youth Development that has failed this generation.

There is no clear sense of direction on how this government intends to address critical issues facing us and the people of our country who make up about seventy percent of the population.

The leadership needs to put us first and do more for us, if Grenada is to develop. The past three years was not inspiring for most of us youths, as government failed to protect us from rape, murder, socio-economic vulnerabilities and a poor economic environment.

Needless to say, the NNP government continues to ignore the most needed social capital for Grenada’s development. Sadly, this government is failing to create jobs for young professionals despite an acute shortage of human resource in the health and education sectors.

Also what is so worrisome is that we have here in Grenada, a leadership that does not engage and communicate with its youth on meaningful development issues. How then, does this government expect us and people to rally behind any kind of development agenda if we are not taken on board?

Grenada’s United Youth (GUY)

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