William Joseph or Joseph Goebbels?

When I first met William Joseph I perceived him to be full of himself.

After dealing with him for a while I found him to be well learned and possessing good analytical skills and thought – maybe he was not the arrogant person I thought he was.

However, in recent times I have come to the conclusion that my initial perception of him was right.  If one reads the first part of his book “Fruitful Days – My political soul delivered”, he would see the evidence. What political soul is he talking about?

No one in Grenada knows him as any major political thinker or player.

He is known as a good civil servant but not as a political figure, he himself stated that he was a member of the N.D.C for only one year.

For the last two years or so he has been firing salvo after salvo at Nazim Burke, leader of the N.D.C.  If he and Senator Burke have personal differences maybe going back to school days, why is he trying to destroy a party, which commands at least forty percent of the electorate, just to get at one man – a man who the N.D.C overwhelmingly elected to be their leader.

Mr. Joseph’s tactics are not dissimilar to those of the descendants of the N.D.C who now find themselves in the bosom of the N.N.P.  Maybe he too is preparing to join those infidels, since his latest warheads were fired from the projectile of the Peter David faction of the N.N.P.

He throws his salvos with clever intellectual dishonesty reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels, the official propagandist of Nazi Germany.

He speaks of politicians who were liked and disliked but intentionally left out Sir Nicholas Brathwaite and when he came to Uncle Tilly he said, ‘he was trusted’. Why? Because even if they both cannot be regarded as charismatic they became Prime Minister; and in the case of Mr. Thomas he dare not say anything negative because he was his Chief of Staff, a position created for him.

What are Nazim Burke sins?  Lack of charisma? If so that pales in comparison to those of the leader of the N.N.P.

Mr. Burke is not in power so if you are a genuine analyst and Grenadian patriot you should instead analyse the performance of the present regime and leave N.D.C business alone.

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