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Every weekend, I ensure that I read each of the nation’s weekly newspapers, once I can lay hands on them. I peruse the news and scan the advertisements. The main headlines and editorials are always of interest to me, and there are some regular columns that I follow.

Through reflecting on the various articles in the different papers over the years, I have concluded that most of Grenada’s journalists and editors do a reasonably balanced and professional job.

There is one paper, however, which seems to have as its main objective, the destruction of Nazim Burke. I will refer to that paper as “Nazim Update”. That paper’s obsession with the NDC Political Leader aroused my curiosity and led me to do some research, the summary of which, I will lay out below.

A comparison of the different papers’ coverage of local politics reveals that all newspapers, EXCEPT “Nazim Update”, publish positive and negative articles about both major political parties. “Nazim Update slavishly sings the praises of the NNP and Peter David and constantly bashes the NDC and Nazim Burke. Why is that so?

Prime Minister Mitchell was recorded telling the citizens who are opposed to the sale of Camerhogne Park, “go to hell!” The “Update” saw nothing wrong, unstatesmanlike or disrespectful about that. On the other hand, Nazim Burke’s insistence that he be allowed to answer questions posed by callers, before taking new ones, was enough for the banner headline, “Naz Goes Berserk!” The “Update” would serve its masters better if it pretended to be objective.

The Advocate, The Informer, The New Today and The Voice are always filled with advertisements from a wide variety of sources. On the other hand, only a small guesthouse in Grand Anse and a food catering business advertise consistently in “The Update”.

Occasionally, government would place an ad there too. It is alleged that the guesthouse, the catering business and “Nazim Update” are all owned by members of the same family, and that the paper is produced on the premises of the guesthouse.

Newspapers earn the bulk of their money from selling advertising space. It is quite evident that “Nazim Update doesn’t depend on advertising dollars to stay afloat. The logical questions must be, who is funding that paper and to what end? Are there foreign hands at play in our domestic politics?

How come that it’s only after the expulsion of the Peter David faction from NDC that purported editor and others are seeing that Nazim is bad and Keith is an angel? The obvious bias and hypocrisy of that paper has rendered it useless as a propaganda tool.

Mr. “Nazim Update” editor, the Grenadians who read newspapers are not the type who can be bought with ply board and debushing work.

Moreover, the people know that it is the government of Keith and Peter, not Nazim that is stifling them with 28 new or increased taxes.

They know it is not Naz, but Keith and Pete, who promised the youths laptops and tablets.

The people know that Naz gave them duty-free barrels, Keith and Pete took that away. Naz gave an average of $800 worth of free books to ALL students, Keith and Pete removed that. Naz is defending the people’s right to retain our BEACH FRONT Park, who is giving it away? Shall I continue?

Mark La Digue

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