One Man, His Ego and His Belly

I have finally found two things in Grenada that are bigger than the national debt: William Joseph’s ego and his belly! Poor lil Willie is miffed that he’s not getting the status he thinks he deserves. For some reason, he has decided to take out his rage and frustration on Nazim Burke. Burke has apparently decided to ignore him, so lil Willie continues to toss his pebbles in the hope of provoking a response.

Burke’s restraint is admirable, but as a disinterested observer, I have reached my limit with lil Willie’s attention-seeking tirades. Joseph enjoyed the privileges and perks of being Prime Minister Thomas’ Chief of Staff. Unlike Burke, he never had to face the electorate, so in a sense, he got that position on the back of the hard work put in by Burke and the other NDC candidates. Of course, I recognise that it takes a team to make a candidate an MP, but the candidate is the one around whom everything is built.

Lil Willie stoutly defended the achievements of the NDC administration while he was on the payroll and even after the 2013 defeat. Amazingly, he now realises that it was Burke’s stewardship that put the economy into decline! Not a word about the NNP’s 13 years of borrow and waste.

This behaviour is so reminiscent of that of the expelled ones. Sour grape syndrome is a helluva thing. How can lil Willie look into a mirror and not see a hypocrite?

Joseph is so in love with himself and his “intellect” that he doesn’t even realise that he’s being used to lend an air of legitimacy to Project Grenada. His appointment to a couple of Dr. Mitchell’s window-dressing committees has rendered him intoxicated with the illusion/delusion of importance. NDC’S refusal to rubber stamp Project Grenada’s charades is therefore a threat to Willie’s desire to be recognised as a national figure, and remembered in history, as such.

If I were lil Willie, I would give political punditry a wide berth. After all, it was the same William Joseph who posited that NDC could win the 2013 elections on the basis of transparency and accountability. As one of the main architects of NDC’s election strategy, he must admit that his advice contributed to the party’s 15-0 rout at the polls. With Willie’s track record as a political strategist and analyst, his prognosis would make me happy, if I were in Burke’s shoes.

Willie, the politics of hatred ultimately consumes the hater, your dislike for Burke has grown into such a rabid obsession that you have abandoned rational thinking as it relates to NDC. Your diatribes reveal an attitude of contempt for the NDC members who chose their leaders in the most democratic of ways. You elected to exercise your right and walk away, but it appears that political tabanka is killing you. You openly admit to having left because you couldn’t deal with Burke’s leadership. It shows how much respect you have for democratic principles and practices. While the people of Grenada stagger under an unprecedented burden of economic terrorism, your pen is used as a toy for self-gratification. Isn’t it ironic that you now find yourself objectively in the same corner as Pedro and Boom Chess, the same ones who labelled you as parasitic? What next, lil Willie?

The Shortman Syndrome

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