The Metamorphosis of Comrade Arley Salimbi Gill

What a difference four years make! When I saw the article “Relocate Park and Build the Hotel”, written by one Arley Salimbi Gill, I had to wonder if it was the same “Breaking News, More Fire” Arley. Fortunately for me, the article was accompanied by those unmistakable eyes and the African-type costume, characteristic of the revolutionary firebrand cum opportunistic sycophant of Dr. Mitchell. Is Arley simply ingratiating himself to the NNP as a plan B for when his stint in Dominica is over?

It is well known that ultra-left elements have no qualms about making temporary alliances with backward, colonial-minded right wing forces if there is a political advantage to be gained. The reasoning is that any road that facilitates access to power is justifiable. However, by any standard, Mr. Gill has shown that he can suck a cow’s afterbirth by his uncritical embrace of anything Dr. Mitchell says or does, since Gill’s expulsion from the NDC.

Mr. Gill trivialises the importance of Camerhogne Park as the last BEACH FRONT facility for relaxation and entertainment for the Grenadian masses. Does Arley wish for a Barbados-type situation, where locals are virtually excluded from certain sections of the south and west coasts? He justifies his position based on the need for jobs.

Comrade Salimbi, what about the environmental studies which advocate no further development in that area? As a culture man, do you now support the destruction of green spaces, the mutilation of mangroves, the dredging of wetlands which help to protect beaches and reefs, and the general environmental degradation that accompanies large scale construction in fragile ecosystems?

Comrade Salimbi, no Grenadian is against planned, sustainable development. What we patriotic citizens oppose is the wanton destruction and giveaway of our national assets and the relegation of our people to second class status in our own homeland.

Brother Arley, when we do things that ultimately lead to the demise of Grand Anse beach, would we then promote Pure Grenada by inviting tourists to come see the famous Grand Anse Sea Wall?

Culture man Arley, you come from humble rural beginnings just like me. As one of Dr. Mitchell’s accomplices under Project Grenada, why don’t you ask your political leader, Captain Pedro, to use his influence to get government to promote investment in the rural economy? Why not fight to get a few hotels, cabins, etc. in Black Bay, Darvey, La Sagesse? Have you become so blinded by the urge for power and revenge that good has become evil, and evil, good?

Comrade Arley Salimbi Gill, as a self-proclaimed African Liberationist, anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist, would you have been on the side of the La Sagesse masses, or would you have been one of Lord Brownlow’s security guards? Project Grenada needs a wardrobe overhaul: trade-in African dashikis and Chavista red shirt-jacks for tailored English suits and Westminster wigs!

Ex-PRA Soldier

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