Politics of hate, spite and tribalism

The profession of politics is not attracting young minds all because of how politicians have abused and degraded their offices for their own personal and selfish gains rather than serving the public selflessly as servants of the people.

There is a misconception among politicians that the only reason to get into office is to full their pockets and to exert power.

How many ministers of government understood that they need to get out of their office and interact with people and projects and having a more hands-on approach.

If this is done then that will bring back confidence and show the electorate that they care about the welfare of the people.

After giving so much campaign promises, which happen election after election, which has now become the norm and as a result the population are now disappointed, disenchanted and devoid of hope.

Grenada has become a polarised society with almost eighteen years of NNP in power.

The only government that genuinely tried to integrate and empowered young people with special emphasis on the socio-economic development of this country was   the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of 1979-1983 in spite of a cautious ideological acceptance by the Grenadian people.

Under the PRG, Grenada was moving rapidly from a consumer nation to a light manufacturing economy by people’s participation.

That Revo sought to awake the consciousness of not just the young persons but also the elderly in understanding our true value.

It was guided by the concept of eating what we grow and growing what we eat. All this was because of the new breed of politicians involved in charting the way forward.

Today we have become so comfortable in serving our own interest.

Could you imagine that a government minister is in his own personal farm weeding his tomatoes?

He is doing this during working hours – and this is a man who could undoubtedly pay his worker to work on his farm. That’s an abuse of power.

Could you imagine that a certain Senator paid by government was given an assignment to campaign on a radio station and most times he is distorting the facts.  The taxpayers are paying this man.

Could you imagine that there is another government minister who won his seat and he is without a portfolio but enjoying life to the fullest? This man goes around drinking rum from shop to shop while Grenadians are under austerity measures.

Do you think that’s the best example we can give our young people especially those who are aspiring to become politicians?

This is the same government that condemned the past government about a high wage bill and continues to blame them for the last four-and-a-half years they were in office.

It is significant to note that if we continue to advocate this type of politics of hate, spite and tribalism, people will be afraid to get into politics especially the young people.

Kennedy Jawahir

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