Bed bugs at Grenada’s General Hospital

According to Grenada’s Minister of Health Nickolas Steele, certain wards at the General Hospital in St George’s are infested with Bed Bugs. When I heard Minister Steele admit that fact it sounded like a dream. Bed bugs infestation! Wow! Somebody needs to be fired here.

In this the 21st century it is a shame and disgrace for the main health facility in Grenada, the General Hospital, to be infested with these parasites. How are the patients on these wards coping with the menace from the bed bugs? Certainly these bugs didn’t appear overnight.

The bed bugs infestation is an indication of the type of medical care and attention that patients at the General Hospital are receiving.

For there to be an infestation of bed bugs at the General Hospital in these modern times it means that the sanitary situation at the hospital must be extremely deplorable.

Minister Steele and his Chief Medical Officer have certainly dropped the ball. Both men should be held totally accountable for this bed bugs infestation. There seems to be a high degree of dereliction of duty on the part of Steele and Mitchell, the Chief Medical Officer.

For the past few weeks Steele and Mitchell have been at loggerheads with the main opposition NDC in regards to the alleged deaths of babies at the said hospital from gastroenteritis. Instead of playing political football, Steele should step up to the plate and do the job that the taxpayers of Grenada are paying him to do.

Bed bugs don’t thrive in a clean environment. It therefore means that the mattresses used by the patients at the hospital must be extremely filthy and need to be replaced immediately. Minister Steele also needs to be replaced along with the mattresses. In fact he should be personally responsible to replace them, since the bed bugs infestation occurred on his watch.

Minister Steele should be ashamed of himself and his government to have the audacity to come on public radio and television to inform the nation on the bed bugs infestation at the General Hospital. He showed no remorse in his deliberations and spoke like a man that doesn’t care about the plight of the patients at the General Hospital.

What kind of Minister of Health is Steele? Steele’s mentality is similar to that of his political leader who once said that he doesn’t depend on his salary to survive. It is time that Grenadians wake up to the realisation that they are taken for a fool’s ride by the NNP.

In light of all the major issues at the General Hospital, including the allegations of babies losing their lives to gastroenteritis, among other serious issues of salaries, staffing and working conditions, both Nicholas Steele and the Chief Medical Officer should tender their resignations to the Prime Minister. Failure to do so, PM Mitchell should send them packing.

This issue of the bugs infestation should not be taken lightly. PM Mitchell seems to lack the power and authority to discipline his ministers or is just oblivious and concerned with power at all costs.

Only recently Minister Bhola was allegedly involved in an altercation with a civilian, in which the civilian was wounded having received a chop from a cutlass. Minister Bhola wasn’t charged and still remains in his job like business as usual. Bhola is Minister of Agriculture and also the General Secretary of the NNP.

In which developed western democracy would this happen and the minister remain in his job?

Too much vulgarity, mismanagement and lack of accountability is accepted by PM Mitchell. Then again, a fish starts to rot at its head. A decent leader must lead by example.

The social decay in Grenadian society also didn’t happen overnight. It is a consequence of the type of leadership demonstrated by the NNP for the past 20 years. The society is now reaping what the NNP has sown.

Had this issue of bed bugs surfaced at the General Hospital during the NDC administration, Steele would have been all over the island with placards criticising the administration and calling for the Minister of Health to resign. He should now do the right thing and step aside.

It is this level of hypocrisy that is responsible for the state of affairs in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The infestation of ‘bugs’ in every sector of society. The ‘bugs’ have infested every democratic institution in the country including the nation’s parliament. This infestation is so severe, the ‘Communist Bug’ is wearing the British parliamentary head gear in the Senate.

‘Drug Bugs’ have allegedly infested the RGPF with ‘King Pete’ the premier ‘Drug Bug’ defender. There is also ‘King Forrester’, the ‘Foreign Investor Bug’.

“Bugs” have even infested the Constitutional Reform Committee and so the referendum has once again been postponed from April to God knows when. The churches too are infested with ‘Blasphemy Bugs’ with a prominent Baptist minister in the south of the island leading the way, closely followed by a senior Irish priest.

The most dangerous of all the ‘Bugs’ infesting the nation, the ‘Economic Bugs’ won’t be destroyed any time soon. These ‘Bugs’ will be around for many generations after the demise of the ‘Dictatorial Bug’ and they will continue to suck the blood of the nation every second, minute, hour, day, month and year.

While Minister Steele recommended fumigation, isolation and relocation in his effort to get rid of the bed bugs at the General Hospital, Peter will have to wait at the Botanical Gardens Gate to burn himself and colleagues to rid the nation of the many other ‘Parasitic Bugs’.

It is only then that Grenada will once and for all be ‘Pure Grenada’! The Isle of Spice.

As for now, Grenada is ‘Decadence Grenada’! The Isle of Bugs.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Please, Mr Butch, build an ‘Ark’ to protect Grenadians from those ‘Bugs’

Oh by the way, we can’t forget those ‘Old Bugs’ who have prospered enormously in the parliament and get sweet blood and don’t want to throw in the towel. Boii, the people of Grenada have a battle on their hands with these ‘Bugs’. God help us.

Grenadian Class

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