As the lead team member responsible for staging the Town Hall Meeting last Sunday, March 13, 2016, let me express our profound gratitude to all Chapter members and everyone else who contributed in any way possible to the Chapter’s efforts to co-host the event. From all indicators, the meeting was a big success.

The visiting delegation, both Senator Ray Roberts and Tim Byam, President of the Willie Redhead Foundation had a great time and were extremely grateful to the Chapter for organising the Town Hall Meeting.

Indeed, the Willie Redhead Foundation has written a story about the meeting.  Both these gentlemen continue to receive request for interviews on radio and TV following the NY meeting.

As we promised at the meeting, the online petition can now be accessed from the NDC NY Chapter Facebook page.

We all know that one Brooklyn meeting will not win this fight, so we must be prepared to fight on for what we believe in and want. The winner will be determined by the group, which has the biggest desire, takes consistent and persistent action, and exerts the most energy.

The Struggle Continues!!

Bernard Bourne

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