The historic visit and the embargo

For well over fifty years the American embargo was place on Cuba by the US. This action has brought tremendous hardship on the Cuban people.

I think that President Obama has made history and most definitely rescued himself and his political carrier of two terms in office, and more so the expectation of Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean for this historic visit to Cuba.

What should follow the visit is the lifting of the embargo against Cuba. The US embargo has been considered a failed policy. It is almost ninety years since the last US President visited Cuba.

Every year when the embargo comes up for a vote in the UN, it’s always supported only by Israel and the United States – a trend that stands in the way of lifting the embargo.

Although Cuba is extending the olive branch to their old ideological enemy, they are somewhat very apprehensive when it comes to letting go of its old Soviet style government policies as its people were deeply convinced that communism was the solution for imperialism as the better system.

Today what we are seeing is Cuba as one of the last cold war countries to still salvage a little national pride in the eyes of its people.

Cuba was forcefully abandoned and left in the cold in 1991 with the fall and disintegration of the Soviet Union.  Cuba had to improvise after losing its economic lifeblood with a six billion dollars annual trade by the Soviet Union this bringing untold hardship to bear on the Cuban people.

President Obama did not only go to Cuba alone but he travelled along with lots of CEOs and NGOs to take a deep look at developing trade and commerce and the tourism sector.

Tourism in Cuba has increased by 60% sixty percent only from last year.  It is said that Cuba will receive 110 flights per day. What does that spell for the rest of the Caribbean Islands as tourist destinations?

Already Jamaica and the Bahamas made their positions very clear as to the US initiatives there and how much it can negatively affect those two major American tourist destinations.

There is also a great paradox within the Cuban population that while they are conducive to moving from a planned economy to a free market economy that most of them are fearful that their country will be bought out by the Cuban exiles that spend years in the US with a lot more money than what the local Cubans have.

This fear can put them in a very disadvantageous social position.

However, the other advantage they have is that Cuba is one of the few countries in the world to have a 100 % literacy rate.

As such, the socio-economic development can be instant as it relates to the country’s academic readiness.

Notwithstanding, Cuba has one of the world’s best health systems.

There is only one major disadvantaged facing the Cubans and that is – they are located in the hurricane belt, which could be very hectic for insurance companies.

My friends, let us make no mistake that the real reason that the US is so determined to continue to want to be seen as a major player in Cuba in my opinion is pure geopolitical ambitions.

Let us not forget that is was just last year when the Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Cuba he wiped off an old Soviet debt of thirty billion dollars US.

Added to that there is somewhat the start of a new arms race between the US and the Russian Federation prompting the West with great urgency after they were able to take a hard and serious look at the type of military hardware and cutting edge weapon that was displayed in Syria by Russia.

So anyone who wants to believe that the US is going back to Cuba to buy up all of the old American cars they better think again.

Kennedy Jawahir

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