Baffled and confused

The Grenadian populace are still baffled as to why CRAC (Constitution Reform Advisory Committee) and the Government are hell bent on holding a referendum on constitution reform at this time.

It is regrettable that 95% of the Grenadian populace know little or nothing about the contents of our current constitution.

Grenada received this document over forty years ago; this document was handed over by the British Government, after Grenada received its independence in 1974. Since then, this document failed to occupy the average Grenadian household.

Grenadians at home and abroad have been calling on the Keith Mitchell administration to mash brakes, on the referendum to reform section of the constitution, and allow a process of extensive education on the details of the document.

Should this be allowed to go forward, the masses will be better able to make a more informed decision on matters relating to constitutional reform.

Suffice to say, all these calls are being totally ignored by the players, which beg the question: on whose behalf are these changes being contemplated?

It must be established, that the constitution is not a private document as some might think; neither is it a document for only legal minded people, but instead it is a document that constitutes the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique and should be accessible to the public at large.

It is alleged that over ECD 2 million will be spent on the present reform process.

Of the over 25 items presented by CRAC to the Cabinet for consideration, few items were selected to go forward. The Government is yet to explain to Grenadians, how the country and its people will benefit from the list of items selected by the Cabinet for constitutional reform.

Considering the limited changes proposed by the Cabinet and the overall cost to put the machinery in place to effect such change, leads one to question the wisdom as to whether the cost may far outweigh the benefit.

There are some other worrying signs that have unfolded, and some still unfolding in the country.

The populace is dealing with an NNP administration that lacks transparency and integrity.

This Keith Mitchell government is running Grenada with an iron fist, and is not prepared to listen to anyone on the ground because they won all fifteen seats in the last election.

The high-handed decision to join the ALBA group, the arrogance displayed in passing the Casino bill, the implementation of the electronic crimes bill, the alleged sale of Camerhogne Park, the reckless attempt to acquire the Rex Grenadian Hotel, and the Citizenship by investment program, are some of the major decisions taken by the Government where little or no consultation was carried out with the populace.

In recent times the Government appears to be more desperate to try and deliver some tangibles before announcing an election date.

The recent IMF report states the public sector wage bill is still unsustainable and the administration must find ways to further reduce expenditure.

One has to bear in mind the IMF three year support program will soon end with Government. The union and Government will soon have to sit to negotiate increase in wages, subsequent the three year wage freeze.

Added to this, the government must continue to raise revenue to start paying millions of dollars periodically to the creditors (bondholders).

It is doubtful that Dr. Mitchell will wait until next year to call general election. The thinking is that he will ask for a new mandate to avoid the pending obstacle, which he knows will not work in his favor.

The policies and programmes of Dr. Mitchell have failed to live up to the expectation of the people. The administration has contravened its own mandate to solve the unemployment problem and create a better standard of living for the people.

The widely held view on the ground is that the people are fed up and frustrated with politicians, but they also believe that the policies and programmes of the National Democratic Congress was far superior to that of the New National Party.

The matters of constitutional reform and policy position will be fleshed out by the people when they are called upon to make a wise decision in casting their votes for the direction the country should go re-constitutional reform and general election.

Jerrry Marryshow

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