Leave the hotel alone!!!

I am a Supplier of goods and services to the Rex Grenadian for close to the life of this property here in Grenada.

Please pardon me for using this trusted medium to communicate. I am glad it is available and therefore because of the culture of victimisation that NNP is known for in a usually silent community, I prefer not to get too tied up, hence.

I am writing today to add my voice of concern over the attempted takeover of the Rex Grenadian by the government of Grenada. Having worked alongside the hotel as a supplier for many years, our relationship with the Grenadian is one of reverence and appreciation.

By providing the hotel’s international clientele with local products, we are growing our own business, while providing their guests with a true taste of Grenada.

The Grenadian by Rex Resort delivers significant business to local suppliers on the island, bringing in tourists from all over the world who are eager to indulge in our country’s culture and heritage.

With guests occupying the hotel year around, the Rex has cemented its place as a vital partner to our business and any break in this relationship could have devastating effects upon the survival of our very business putting our employees on shaky ground.

This is why I am concerned about the government’s recent declaration to acquire the Rex. What we need in Grenada are new entrants to our hotel stock, not hostile take-overs, which can impact negatively on our reputation as a place ready and willing to attract international investors.

The hotel, by all accounts, has paid its taxes and lease payments on time year after year. Having visited the property many times, I can attest to the fact that the hotel is in fine shape, with a beautiful pool and bar area along with wide, open landscapes, a testament to our Island’s appreciation of nature.

As a business owner, I am also worried about the dangerous example that this government is setting by trying to overtake the Grenadian, a fully functional and successful hotel. I cannot help but wonder what would stop this government from taking over my own operations?

According to numerous news reports, Rex Resorts took a chance on Grenada when no other international chain showed interest. Is that any way to repay them for their confidence? Since then, the hotel has demonstrated a consistent loyalty to its clientele, but also to the people and businesses of Grenada as well.

How many of us have attended an event or conference at the Rex; where else would you take your families to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Island – an activity which has caused many a Grenadian to remain home to ring in many a New Year?

On Tuesday, I watched as Minister of Agriculture Roland Bhola issued the government’s response to Rex Resort’s legal injunction, aimed at stopping the government from taking the hotel outright.

All I can say is that he was pathetic. The hotel that the Minister described could never be the Rex Grenadian that I know and work with.

I frequently interact with the staff and management at the hotel, and none has expressed any sort of dissatisfaction with operations.

In fact, many are proud to work at the hotel and represent the Grenadian people to their guests. Anyone who has been to the Rex knows that this property is not rundown, and the management company itself has said that it would be willing to work with the government to make even more upgrades to its facilities!

The Rex hotel is a truly Grenadian experience that attracts tourists to the Spice Isle. They are introduced to local food, beers and culture from suppliers like myself and countless others. We should honor and respect the commitments, financial and civic, that the Rex Grenadian has made to Grenada and its people.

Finally, I am beginning to worry about the reckless pattern of governance that this government has demonstrated first with Camerhogne Park and now with the Grenadian by Rex Resorts.

Thank God we still have the resort of our courts for matters of this nature. All we can hope for is that justice is served properly.

Disgusted Patriot

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