Anglican Church on the hunt for US $20,000

The building committee of the St. George’s Anglican Church is in urgent need of US $20,000 to pay for building material by the end of March that is sourced out of Guyana for the restoration of the Parish Church on Church Street, St. George’s.

The material are for the roof, loft, pews, and the media half-centre, and all the wood that is required for the church.

Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee, senior civil servant,  Lana McPhail made a passionate appeal to members of the Church to come forward and assist in contributing financially to the project as the work cannot be stopped.

McPhail who addressed the congregation during last Sunday’s weekly worship, which now takes place at the nearby St. George’s Senior School, felt that it was necessary for her to provide an update on the status of the work.

She showed the congregation a slide presentation, which depicted the different stages of the work, and how money was spent on each phase of the project.

“I think it is important for us to note where we are now. You would have seen the roof, and you can see from the slide how beautiful that roof is,” she said.

McPhail emphasised the work that was now being done on the roof of the sanctuary.

She said initially it was believed that the sanctuary roof was in tact, but upon examination it was discovered that it was infested with termites and has to be replaced.

“That means that even our initial estimate is now more because we now have the sanctuary roof to do,” she told the congregation.

McPhail said the building committee would prefer not to secure a loan from  commercial bank to do the project because if this was done then the church cannot be recommissioned until the loan is repaid.

She stated that it is critical that members of the Anglican community use this year to raise funds despite of the fact that many persons are facing difficult economic circumstances.

The first monthly fundraiser planned will be an Easter Luncheon on April 3 at the Anglican High School in Tanteen, St. George’s.

Mc Phail made a plea for Anglicans to give their support to the initiatives to be undertaken to raise funds for the restoration.

“We need all hands on board. Let us forget whether you like the Rector, whether we like Lana (McPhail), whether we like members of the PCC or the fundraising committee, let us rally around our church as we never did before, forget the personality differences, let us work to raise the funds to complete our church,” she said.

“Who do we expect to pay to repair our church? Do I go to the Methodist Church, do I go to the Catholic, do I go to the Market Square on Saturday? This is our church. This is God’s, we are the members, and it is us who have to rebuild the church. We all want a new church but when we solicit support we get all kinds of stories,” she added.

McPhail who is also referred to as the “People’s Warden” urged the congregation to rally together around the rebuilding of the church.

She spoke of the need to have the restoration work completed in 2016 by reminding the congregation that they have been complaining of not having its use for the past ten years.

“I’m sure there is not one person in this room who would want to see us stop the work,” she said.

The St. George’s Anglican Church was severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

THE NEW TODAY was told that there are differences among the Anglican over the state of work on the church building since the project was launched in August 2015.

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