I stand with The Rex Grenadian

I have been employed by the Rex Grenadian since 1996 and the money I earned there has kept food on my table and a roof over my family’s heads.

My wife and I cared for our three children, putting all three through primary and secondary school. And I’m not the only one. I am sure I could say the same for my friends and colleagues who were part of the staff since 1996.

I do not normally write to the newspaper, but I got very concerned when I hear that the government is now threatening to shut down the hotel. I don’t understand why because it makes no sense, when you consider that the hotel has been doing such a good job for our tourism for over 25 years.

Over the decades, the Grenadian has paid millions in taxes, leases, and wages and currently employs over one hundred people. In fact, the hotel recently received a letter of commendation from the Government saying that it is current on all tax payments. So these accusations that the resort is a delinquent tenant are totally false.

Additionally, the Grenadian has brokered a year-round agreement with Air Canada to bring tourists to our all-inclusive resort. These flights bring hundreds of tourists a week with Loonies to burn. Why jeopardize this airlift at a time when Grenada is spending money trying to bring airlines here?

The late Mr. and Mrs. Correia, the hotel’s founders were willing to take a chance on Grenada in a very uncertain time. The first major investors to come here after the revolution, they invested more than $45 million to develop and construct the resort that was built on swampland.

The Correia’s were pioneers here in Grenada. And they gave us jobs, a good standard of living and some certainty and predictability in an uncertain world and time.

There has only been one other hotel developer on the scale of the Grenadian that has been willing to follow Mr. and Mrs. Correia, to Grenada, the Radisson. In fact we have only two hotels that can accommodate large functions. One is the Grenadian, the other is the Radisson. And this hotel is open to Grenadians.

I was at the Rex for the countless New Year’s Eve celebrations, the U.N. Conferences that occur twice a year, and the Grenada Cricket Association’s award ceremony that occurred last month, attended by none other than Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.

I have seen world famous cricketers, diplomats, members of the UK High Commission all walk through our doors and enjoy the beauty and nature of our property.

The numerous letters of thanks that our management team has received from these groups shows just how respected the Grenadian is to individuals and groups alike.

Every year, we host students from St. George’s University, and it is our honour and privilege to work alongside our Island’s premier educational institution.

For these reasons and more, I cannot understand why the government would take away this resort and my job.

Foreign investors have choices where they can invest. The Correia family chose Grenada when no one else would. It’s time for Grenadians to show Rex Resorts that their trust and confidence in our country at a time when few were willing to visit the Spice Isle, was a wise choice and one we will continue to respect.

Mr. Prime Minister, on behalf of all the good people who work at the Grenadian, honour the rightful lease and do not take this place away from me, my neighbours and all of those who support the on-going operations at the Grenadian.

Hotel Employee

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