Legal action is pending

Mr. Wayne Green
River Road

Dear Mr. Green,

I write to you in my capacity as a promoter of events here in Grenada, an Executive Producer of music and the Business Manager of several Local Performing and Recording Artistes.

The work of ECCO has been and continues to be a contentious issue for the Creators of music here in Grenada.  Our complaints have been consistent. Among the major issues are the following:

(a). The glaring lack of PR and accountability related to the work of ECCO here in Grenada
(b). The lack of a strong membership

(c). The inability of ECCO to collect from the main users of music – the Radio Stations

(d). The bullying of Local promoters and other Organisations that host events, that actually pay Artistes

(e).  The collection of monies on behalf of other Societies, without those monies ever getting back to Local Artistes who are registered with these Societies.

As Creators we are very clear on the legislation and will support any effort to serve the best interests of the Artistes, however to date that has not materialized through ECCO.

In fact, in spite the many promises of distribution, there have been no progress in this regard. Mr. Green these are your words from an email dated 12/14/15…’ so far even myself as a composer producer am hoping and waiting on this years distribution for Royalties, have received from ECCO earlier this year but only for music I produced that is played outside but for local am hoping that things will turn around.’

We all have been awaiting the turn around and let me express as forcefully as this medium would permit me, that we are fed-up. The latest actions by ECCO in relation to music played at the COCCACAF tournament are counter-productive to the interests of Local Artistes.

With Artistes not receiving Royalties for monies collected by ECCO, they have to depend on live performances where the payments are direct, additionally events such as the COCACAF tournament allows for more exposure of our music, whether directly to the audience present or to a wider audience via the visiting Press.

At this juncture the Creators are going to step –up efforts to either have ECCO properly represent our interests or desist from using the works of Artistes to collect monies that are never distributed to the Artistes.

This is the first indication of our intent to seek legal recourse to regulate the activities here in Grenada. As noted earlier we are disgusted by the overtures being made by ECCO in the name of representing Artistes with no benefits whatsoever to the Artistes.

Our requests are very clear:

(1). Terminate the collection of monies here in Grenada until there is payment of monies that have been collected over the past 4 years.

(2). Begin a campaign to engage Local Creators both with information about ECCO and as a membership drive. It is not possible for ECCO to be a legitimate Collective Organisation with a local membership of less than 50.

(3). Make public the progress made as it relates to collection from local Radio Stations. The excuses have been exhausted its time for action!

Grenada’s music and entertainment industry is too dynamic, with too much potential for aspects of it to be treated as a mere hustle.

Without any major efforts on the three issues pointed out above, over the next three months, legal action will ensue and the impending Carnival season will be used to our fullest advantage, whichever way we deem necessary and effective to look after our interests.

Dexter Mitchell

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