Get involved in the political process!!


The short answer to this question is no! When the Bible says in Romans 13:1-6 that: “the powers that be are ordained of God”, it means, the Governmental structure. The office is ordained of God not the persons occupying the office.

Whosoever wins the general election or attains high office, is not necessarily of God. You and I know that many ungodly, unjust and corrupt persons attain high office through dishonest means.

To correctly interpret these scriptures in Romans 13:1-6, we must conclude that God in His divine wisdom has established the political capacity or potential in man to administer civil government.

He has given us (man), the responsibility to choose and elect good, competent and honest persons to be our rulers or ministers. Three times in the passage, he calls them “ministers of God”. This becomes very obvious, why God wants us to choose upright persons for powerful office so that, “they do not bear the sword in vain”. In other words, they should dispense justice and good governance to all.

Also, the verse, “not a terror to good works but to the evil” means they must be apt to do good and no harm to anyone. We cannot have a “quiet and peaceable life” as mentioned in 1Timothy 2:2, when we elevate self-serving and unrighteous entities to serve our nation.

What about the scripture, “the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever He will” (Daniel 4:17)? This was part of the old covenant, God made with Israel. God established a unique theocratic relationship with Israel to be their King.

In this new covenant, God has given us, the responsibility to create and manage civil government through his fear and admonition for His glory. Politics is sacred – it is ordained of God, whoever resists or despises political power resists the ordinance of God. They shall receive to themselves damnation (Romans 13:2).

We as God’s ministers should endeavour to attend to God’s business of politics by getting involved in the process to ensure God’s will be done here on earth.

Pastor Davis C. John
Cornerstone Ministries and Charis Bible College

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