Economic blunders and financial recklessness

Today the world becomes a global village. We can find almost any information on anything on the worldwide web.  But for some reason is like our people are under a spell by the NNP Party and government.

They are consumed by lies, they will not research the information that they really should.

I just want to remind our people that it baffles me when statistic shows that Grenada has a 97% literacy rate. This worries me because after all of the economic blunders and financial recklessness made by the NNP, Grenadians still continue to elect this party based on expectations and unrealistic promises.

Grenada literally has nothing to show for the level of debts this country owes as it relates to sustainable economic growth.

I am talking about multimillion dollar capital projects, which are still sitting there and waiting and not being utilised and cannot even pay for its own monthly light bill.

This now stands as a yoke on the Grenadian taxpayers in the most unreasonable way.

These adhoc and highhanded debts, which were placed on the backs of the Grenadian people, could never be justified when you look at the level of tax burden that is placed on the poor and middle-income people.

There is no disposable income among working class people any more.

Only last week speaking to a resident of Gouyave, he said to me that it was the first time he cannot pay his mortgage – his house is now up for sale.

There is another one who told me that all he has in his fridge is only cold water.  Look at two suicide in two days in the two most renounced agriculture villages of Clozier and Byelands – people especially farmers who became depressed and hopeless.

Don’t you see the amount of businesses that have closed down since the NNP took office.  Prostitution has increased as some mothers are not going to see their children going to bed at night without anything to eat.

Our government is boasting of the best economic growth in the Caribbean – who is fooling who? That’s the same Government that has promised never to take this country to the IMF and a Structural Adjustment Programme.

The austerity measures that the Grenadian people have been shouldering with by the NNP government and the IMF are heartless.

Look what has just happened in Jamaica, it is the same thing that is taking place in Grenada. You cannot tax your way out of debts, which you yourself have created.

Some poor children very often have to stay at home as their parents cannot afford to give them a lunch throughout the duration of the week.

In some schools, the school feeding programmes has been discontinued.

This is not just for some  government schools, but also some private schools, which were, assisted by government in the past – just like the free schoolbooks program.

The social standard of living has gotten worse among our communities while the cost of living has increased among communities and the country as a whole.

We continue to have clandestine operatives and party hacks of NNP continuing to benefit big time under the disguise of the NNP philosophy – if is work you want, work you go get.

The only people who are benefiting in this country now are the top echelon of the NNP.

We are going down a slippery slope while others are saying that the country is advancing.

In my opinion, it is only the NNP who are benefiting.

The spending power of  some hotel guests has decreased. We have to be careful about the amount of new hotels we are constructing because some of them may ultimately remain empty.

It must be known that there is a great paradox that while some tourists love luxurious resorts in the same breath they are telling you to preserve eco-tourism.

Kennedy Jawahir

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