Treat ex-police officers better!!!

Having served in the Royal Grenada Police Service for more than half of my life, it is very disheartening the way in which ex-police officers are treated by Governments and the Organisation itself.  It is even worse having looked at what is happening now within the present construct of this noble organisation.

It is believed that this Organization as it is now is the worst in its history. The Administrators of the organisation do not care about the membership and their welfare but focus only and mainly on one task; getting the job done at any cost.

What they do not understand is that if they focus on treating members fairly and justly, they would not have to use their coercive methods to get the job done.

It is time that the state and the Organisation recognise the meaningful and selfless service rendered by its members upon retirement.

It was very encouraging and heartening to hear the contribution and recommendation made by Senator Raymond Roberts regarding the retired Officers on the firearms issue.  At least someone out there is looking after the well-being of our officers.

The present Commissioner and his Administrative team must take a cue from Sen. Roberts and take it further for our men and women who devoted their time to the peace and safety of the island.

These are the men and women who should be praised and treated with dignity for the safety we enjoy and boast about every day … “Grenada is known as the safest destination in the Americas…”

In support of Sen. Roberts’s contribution on the firearm issue for senior police officers; imagine, as a senior officer, Assistant Superintendent and upwards, you are issued with a service firearm and having carried it for your personal safety and others for years, when you retire, it is taken away from you.

It’s like you become obsolete, useless, discarded and stripped off everything.  Your firearm, your uniform, your cell phone, if you were issued with one etc. are taken away.  It is my view that if as an officer you were issued with a firearm, upon retirement, you must be allowed to carry that fire arm, if you opt to at the expense of Government.

The retired officers should also continue to receive medical attention and hospitalisation at Government’s expense.  As it is now, being a police officer, your are stripped and robbed of the opportunity to spend quality time with your family at special occasions.

If you are on vacation, you are called back to work during the Christmas and carnival seasons.  What nonsense!  The Administrators need to come up with a better system to police these events without robbing these hard working officers from the time they take to spend with their families.

Proper management and proper vision would allow it to happen.
With all of the above and the years of sleepless nights policing the nation, they are treated as “second class” citizens.  Look at the quality of life and the life span of some of these officers after a life of service.

A clarion call is made to the authorities to treat our men and women with more recognition and dignity for their years of service.
The Ex-Cop

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