The sale of Camerhogne Park

“We can no longer blame the colonialists for the plight of our problems but our leaders who have replaced them “.

Grenada comes first for me before any political party that I may be affiliated with. Now, without Grenada, there shall be no Grenadian political parties – think about that.

We can no longer blame the colonialists for the plight of our problems but our leaders who have replaced them. “Sustainable development” doesn’t mean that you sell everything. It means that you maintain the things that we value and hold as our natural treasures or otherwise while moving forward to a state of development. Yes, both sustaining and building are the right pathways to development.

This brings me to Calivigny Island, which I have discussed in a book “My Homeland and Nations in Transition” published five years ago. And one of the many issues discussed was the sale of Calivigny Island that was used in part as a recreation site.

Today, five years later, the same discussion arises, but specifically about Camerhogne Park which is more tangible to most of our nationals and visitors who go to Grand Anse Beach and enjoy some relaxation in the park.

You see, parks are not just space that some believe is just there and has no value. What about a cemetery, should we think about it in the same way? That it should be moved or replaced because it’s just there? I bet not. It’s the only place to bury the dead and the most important place at the time of funerals. I say that to say this, all this foolishness or unintelligent discussion must stop.

The Camerhogne Park is for us to use whenever we feel. It’s there for everyone to enjoy whenever and however. It’s for the children to play and to learn how to develop social skills and the adults to have fun or tranquil moments as well. As one who believes in my homeland and has committed to its progress, I can’t sit by and say nothing about our progress, Grenada’s progress.

And for those of you who have valued this park and have the sentiment that this park means something to you, please don’t stay in your comfort zones with the hope that someone else will make the sacrifice for your comfort. Detach yourself from political parties and attach yourself to Grenada’s, Carriacou’s and Petite Martinique’s progress. Make yourself visible or voice your opposition to the sale of Camerhogne Park.

This is not for us at the moment but also to have our younger generations enjoy the same park that you enjoyed and continue to enjoy. Age should never bring about selfishness and ungratefulness but instead wisdom.

If we had our time let us create a lovelier Camerhogne Park not replaceable, removable but if anything, an improved park for our youths.

I’m not the person who enjoy listening to foolishness while the people who initiate it are bold enough to make themselves absolute fools without knowing or realising how stupid they sound with the lack of sound reasoning or rational thought. Ignorance has its rightful place but combined with arrogance, it is a detrimental combination.

There is no way we should settle for our leaders to be both ignorant and arrogant. If we do however, no one can be blamed other than ourselves. People must listen and thereby learn to be flexible enough to grow intellectually.

Camerhogne Park shouldn’t be up for sale or entertain the proposal for anything but to sustain it. Where in any developed country or nation striving to develop has any visionary leader destroyed the things that bring about success in the name of creating success? I have never heard or seen that.

Parks as some may not realise are vital components of development. Development comes with creating social development, the inclusion of recreation, recreation facilities, and to help create a more tranquil society. It’s important to have outdoor green spaces to meet and to greet and to mingle peacefully. That’s part of what makes a society stable, healthy and happy.

For the record, I have worked with New York City Department of Parks And Recreation for over a decade and I know what it takes to create or maintain a place for joy and a place that most communities see as the only space that they can call their own.

I oversaw the taking and making of not very well managed parks from the South Bronx to East New York into beautiful wonderful attractive places for the various communities and saw the joy of people who came to the parks knowing they have a beautiful public place to watch their children play or to chat with other adults.

I have met countless West Indian babysitters taking their employers young children to the park to relax and watch them play while their own children wait for them to take them to the park from work.

Yes, many Grenadian ladies who have worked in that field can attest to that, and I have met quite a few in my daily routine as well, particularly in the village of Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, and the upper East and West sides of Manhattan.

I say all of this to make the point that you don’t sell parks, you build upon them and create more attractive beautiful parks. Which investors in their sane minds will bring that idea to the City of New York to sell Prospect Park or Central Park to be privately developed into concrete structures or the City of Toronto to sell Lake Shore or High Park for private developments?

That foolishness could only take place in Grenada and places like Grenada because the investors don’t respect us and the things that we value or hold dear to us. They know they can play Grenadian leaders like absolute fools at the expense of their people and get away with it.

I wonder, did our so-called “educated” leaders get their college degrees passed onto them in stupidity or backwardness? Do we have a Minister of Youth Affairs or a Social Development Minister and if so, are they serious? If there are such people, where are they on this issue?

The progress of our people and this country are not about your individual salary. Wake up and please let us hear your views on the sale of Camerhogne Park and we expect a capable, thoughtful, and rational discussion on the issue.
Wake up Grenadians before you realise you are stateless, countryless, or worse, worthless.

Martin Johnson

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