G’da is highly recommended

We just came back from our first visit to Grenada. I tried to summarise below our experience and impressions.

People: everyone was very friendly and welcoming, except the immigration guy at the airport who yelled at my wife for not signing the oversized arrival form.

Safety: no issues to report despite the recent safety concerns. We stayed in Grand Anse and drove through the island with no problems.

Hotel: we stayed at Mount Cinnamon in Grand Anse. Beautiful facility and location.

Car rental: we used Dabs Car Rental. Communication was prompt, however they were a no show at the airport despite the fact that I gave them our arrival time and flight number. When I called the number, they said the guy who was supposed to deliver the car to the airport was sick.

They sent a taxi to pick us up and dropped us off at the location where the car was parked. The car was in good shape and everything was ok after that.

Driving in Grenada: I personally won’t recommend. I am a Boston driver and always drive everywhere on vacation. However I found driving in Grenada challenging because of the very narrow and winding roads.

Oncoming cars will pass inches from the vehicle, plus you have to keep a constant eye on dogs, goats, chickens and pedestrians. Most cars have busted side mirrors, that tell you everything you want to know!
Food and restaurants: there is a good selection of groceries at the supermarket. The restaurants ranged from good to excellent. The value was not always there as we paid US prices or sometimes higher.

I am sure there are less expensive restaurants on the island but you have to put time and effort to get there.

Other: we loved the beaches, the fact that the island grows and produces so many vegetables, fruits, spices, cocoa beans/chocolate…

It has that authentic Caribbean vibe that many other islands lack.
Overall: we had a good time during our first visit to Grenada and I would highly recommend.

Keen Visitor

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