Grenadians, Carriacounians and Petite Martiniquians are all so naive that we allow our servants to rule and dictate to us.

There is a Government in office at present and they are doing everything and anything that they feel like doing, and that’s because there is no Opposition in the Lower House.

So I beg the question – whose fault is it? Is it mines or yours? I would like to say it is all of us fault. Sometimes I am sitting and listening to the news and I’m expecting to hear about some vast project that is on stream or coming soon. I’m expecting to hear that our Government has just clinched a deal amounting to billions of pounds or a billion dollars.

Countries offering Grenada one million pound or one million dollars is an insult to our country.

Grenada is a small country or island if you want to call it that – not a one man or person affair. It’s time that Grenada move to a higher level so that they can start to deliver what was promised to the people.

The Grenada news media only tell us about damages to some house that was gutted by fire, a man stole something or a house that has been broken into, or that someone loose a sheep or goat – that ‘s not news, that is not want we want to hear.

In the absence of the Queen’s Opposition in the House of Representatives, the reporters of the nation automatically become the nation’s opposition. So it’s their duty to tell us what the Government is up to and what they are doing if anything.

I sometime ask myself the question – where would it all end and when?

The cost of living in Grenada is so high – too many people go to bed at nights hungry because in the shop today this item is ten dollars and the next day the same item is twenty dollars.

I ask myself again – what is really happening in Grenada? Our Goods and Services are the highest in the entire Caribbean and compounded by unemployment.

So my question is this:  Is that the reason why Grenadians are now considering going to the Middle East to fight with and for ISIS against the same country that looked after Grenada and the other Caribbean islands over the years and presently?

Please, please I beg you that have authority to try and stop it, and stop it now.

I want to remind Mr. Deliverer that we are approaching three years in office; a day in the life of politics is the equivalent to one year.

When you make a promise to a child and you fall down on it that child could and would do anything to hurt you for that lie.

So let me remind you again Mr. Deliverer that the children are waiting – every child or children listen with wide and open ears when a promise is being made by their parents. Mr. Deliverer, are you reading me clearly?

Another concern that I have is when it comes to public officers especially those in the R.G.P.F. They have developed an attitude of only knowing how to talk down to people. I want to believe that the majority of them are orphans, home students or children with no basic home training.

So I urge you Mr. Minister of National Security to take charge and train your workers since it would be good for the country’s facelift.

Having said all that because of stress makes me feel and wish that I was a Vincy as I understand that Goods and Services are really cheap in Vincy  land.

Check it out: A twenty-pound cylinder gas is under twenty-seven dollars. Gasoline per gallon 7-8-9 dollars. I wish that Grenada would take a page from St. Vincent and ease the pressure on us.

Let’s now address the foreign people living on our island called Carriacou. It is my understanding that they never pass through Custom to declare any item of household goods. Is that true?

They also were given the green light to buy our children and grand children land on a freehold basis – true or false?

I want to say to whom it may concern that if it’s true then this practise must stop and stop now.

Already we’re allowing foreign agents free access to our shores and now we turn around and giving them free passage to buy land freehold.

Is our Government and people gone stone mad or bliss stupidity?

What’s wrong with leasehold or engaging our land for a number of years?

What’s wrong with the sixty-six year arrangement that we once knew?

Here is a chief example in the Belair area in Carriacou. Check it out.

This foreign agent bought  a number of acres of land in Belair, the view is panoramic and was sold very cheaply. So cheap that he is now selling blocks of land to his friends and associates at take it or leave it price.

How stupid of us. There is nothing that us John Public can do – it’s a done deal. I would like to see a land use policy put in place for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique but especially on Carriacou.

The whole of Carriacou has now become a forest because everywhere is bush and more bush.
The Ramea bird once lived in the wild but they are now in your face.
Also rodents are all in your face living with people side by side.

Once upon a time those birds and other creatures knew their common place and where they should and shouldn’t be. I think that they sense that there is a breakdown in law and order among us so they too can brace the opportunity to do just the same.

Let’s get back to the politics of the ages and what I think. I think that the old minds are tired – don’t you think so?  I’m sure that you do.

I would like to suggest that the young people are given a chance to take the lead so that they can share and meet their own companions half way than having the same old men dictating to them year after year.

I’m a member of the Congress Party and I’m of the opinion that the next person that I would like to see align themselves with the party to win the Carriacou seat come next General Election they have to and must emulate Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, Sir Nicholas Braithwaite, former Senator George W. Prime and last but not least Senator Peter David.

I know that some people might be wondering where am I coming from so let me explain for your sharpness and acuteness.

The threads that you wear must stand out to be admired at all times.

If you align yourself with those attributes – can one get it wrong?

As I come to the end of this strange article I would like to note one of my concerns that have been a plague for many years.

Let me reiterate I would like to see the Government of Grenada put a land use policy in place to protect us all in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique once and for all.

It’s important that we put structures where it belongs.

Bob Adams

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