Deception at work!!!

It is now 2016 and every step ought to be taken by all patriotic Grenadian to demand justice.

If ever there was a need to respond urgently to a clarion call in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique it is now.

Wake up Grenada!  How many more steps before the top of the ladder of full dictatorship is reached and recognised by the world?

Maurice Bishop is recorded as one of Grenada’s Prime Ministers, but he did not achieve it constitutionally, yet the world eventually recognised him as such.

Where is the Council of Social Partners, Grenada Council of Churches, Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Civil Society, Grenada Trades Union Council among others?

Was it not those groupings (Social Partners) which sat down and ironed out a means whereby we should all fasten our belts more, when it was agreed by them and (Government) Dr. The Right Honourable Keith C. Mitchell that salaries and wages should be frozen for three years, up to 2017 because of the Structural Adjustment Programme?

One expects the very highest standard of integrity, full transparency, unqualified honesty in each party, but oh no … nearing the end of 2015 the Prime Minister and his cohorts in Parliament have the gall to include in the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure an increase of $1,000 per month for his Press Secretary.

Why?  Because some claim that she works day and night.  Are there not other public servants who also work day and night?  Why discriminate in the first instance?

By and large, public servants are entitled to increments.  Is it a salary increase/increment that is proposed for her in the Estimates?

Mr. Prime Minister, you agreed that there will be no salary increases until 2017.  Why then is such a provision made and no provision made for other workers – some of who have not had a proper salary (Temporary Teachers) for years much more an increase of salary.

Enough is enough.  You, the other employees you also work hard, don’t you?  You have mortgages to pay, children to educate, feed and clothe; you need money too, but because of your desire to see our country get out of the financial mess that the Keith Mitchell administrations over the years brought upon us, you agreed on certain things, but no!

Keith Mitchell has ignored, violated the covenant, and breached the agreement. How deceptive?  He did not consult with the other parties and in the circumstances you should all take full action and swiftly.

Simeon Green

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