Can Grenadians trust Dr. Mitchell and his New National Party?

To every conscious minded and peace loving Grenadian, as we all reflect on the pass three years since the last general election, one can well remember the results of the election which declared the New National Party, as winning all 15 seats in our national parliament.

No doubt, it is the general perception of the New National Party that Grenadians have very short memory, and generally do not pay attention to important issues that affect them. They further hold the belief that as long as Grenadians remain selfish and gullible, all it takes is some food on the ground at the right moment to win hearts and mind to hoodwink them in winning any general election.

It is heartbreaking to see the level of drama and dirty politics being played out by The New National Party with the de-bushing and IMANI program. The adhoc, haphazard and marginalised way of dealings with the populace by the managers of these programs, led one to conclude that the very existence of the government depends on it.

Grenadians must not forget the grandiose promises made by The New National Party, before and during the last election campaign. “NNP is coming back”, they declared. “We will deliver and we will rescue you from the high taxes imposed by the National Democratic Congress.”

This was the hue and cry. One can recall NNP mounting stiff campaign against the imposition of the Value Added Tax (VAT) while suggesting that the timing was bad and the rate was too high for ordinary Grenadians to withstand.

They further stated that, should the people vote for NDC the Government will take Grenada into a structural adjustment program similar to what former Finance Minister George Brizan undertook. In fact there was a campaign ad depicting Mr. Brizan loading taxes on the backs of the people. The objective of the ad was to get people to give up the idea of voting for the National Democratic Congress.

One must never forget the massive build up of debt owing to creditors by the state, By the time the New National Party left office in 2008, the national debt was 1.8 billion and climbing.

Four-and-a-half years later the NNP is back and blaming NDC for not cleaning up the huge mess they left behind prior to 2008.

One big lesson all Grenadians should learn by now is to never trust Dr. Mitchell and his New National Party by what they say – instead judge them by what they do.

The very said issues they campaigned against are what they turn round and implement on the people, and most of what was promised is left undone. For instance the promise of no taxes resulted in the implementation of the most burdensome and severe tax regime the country has ever faced.

The NNP promised never to take Grenadians to the IMF but today we are in the bosom of the IMF. While they accused NDC for selling assets to NIS, they then turn around and covertly give away our most popular Camerhogne Park.

The policies and programs implemented by this government have severely hurt the average Grenadian worker while families are catching real hell to survive on menial wages.

NNP amounts to those who hold to zero values and no morals where politics are concerned, as well as those who believe that elections should be won at any cost, even if it means sleeping with the devil and telling a bundle of lies to the people.

Let us be mindful that everyone must account for his or her deeds before the great judge in the fullness of time – sobbing bitterly at the church in Happy Hill and flying off to the Vatican will not bring one deliverance as there must be a genuine repentance of heart.

In the face of growing criticism of his government and a Prime Minister who is a frequent traveler and seldom on island to look after the nation’s business, Dr. Mitchell is trying to find himself once again by pushing this idea that Grenada is growing again, due to his party being in government.

I challenge anyone to point to anything that this government has done to realise any semblance of growth in the economy, other than mercilessly taxing the people out of existence.

We all know the solid foundation laid by the National Democratic Congress Government in getting the Sandals brand hotel to Grenada and the positive impact it is now having on all the other small hotels on the island through Sandals’ extensive and far reaching marketing and promotion drive – ask Mr. Royston Hopkin he can better explain.

Another positive reality is that the US economy is now out of recession and we are already feeling the impact here at home by collecting larger remittance from relatives and friends residing in the US.

Dr. Mitchell is now trying to find himself again as he is seen making the rounds to deceive as many as he can with his trump card de-bushing and IMANI program.

As we enter a brand new year 2016, I call upon all conscious minded and peace loving Grenadians to work diligently towards taking back our country from the ruins of Dr. Mitchell and his political party.

Let our voices be heard, as we all endeavour to take back our pride, our dignity our patrimony and our spice country.

We are all proud Grenadians and very proud of our heritage I dare say. For 2016 we say yes to the naming of the athletic stadium after Kirani James.

We say no to the giveaway of Camerhogne Park. We say no to the laying off of workers at the Postal Corporation. We say no to the giveaway of our national assets to foreigners. We say no to constitutional reform in its current form. We say no to further increases in taxes on the backs of the people.

May God bless every one of you for the upcoming year 2016.

Jerry Marryshow

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