Bluff and lies!!!

Someone said, “Ah ha” I told you so!  Nothing new. This administration continues to bluff/lie to the citizens day in day out.

Talk is cheap.  For instance, Government House rebuilding was said to have commenced, started and stopped even though the administration claimed that they had eventually got funding from at least two other countries after the Australian government had reneged on their promise to fund the building.

Talk is again in the air for the rebuilding of Government House.  It reminds me of the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel which should have been built years ago.

I did say to a non-national, “that and a green donkey you’ll not see”. Hope that will not be the case with the Government House.

You see with months of inconvenience to the public after four or more months of the Bruce Street Mall project, little work has been done and it is now said that work will recommence in 2016.

When did work stop? Will it ever re-commence under this regime?  I pray God that it will in early 2016.

Simeon Green

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