Modeste-Curwen demonstrated ‘a lack of common sense’

Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Members of Parliament,

I am writing in regards to statements made by Minister Curwen.  The remarks that Grenadians should be thankful to the people that is feeding them is a strong indication of where this government is taking the country.

I have never begged for anything.  I have worked hard, planted food, built my shelter and cared for my family.  To suggest that I would be dead without the help of the Chinese is not only an insult, it is the wrong message that you, the leaders are sending to the youths of this country.

Gratitude does not mean heading back into slavery or creating a welfare nation.  We do not have to dress like massa Tom, or be licking uncle Tom’s boots.  Please teach our people, our heritage, like the Chinese teach their people their own. Please teach our people to be self-sufficient like the Americans teach their own.

Minister Curwen’s statements reeks of a lack of common sense that  any intelligent person who is granted the opportunity to lead a nation would have. The harm you are bringing this nation will not be seen in this lifetime, but look at Jamaica where the Chinese have make a home.  They are not considered Jamaicans but rather Chinese Jamaicans with a community all on its own, sucking the blood of the Jamaican people and leaving them to look like savages.

Grenada has been a unique country in the sense that it can learn from older established countries in the region. Please do the research, as the doctors and scholars we are, and take the right steps and not the quick fix like a dope addict, looking for relief.

Concerned Resident

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