Terry Marryshow – a mouthpiece for Maduro

Dr. Marryshow, in his article “Venezuela at the Crossroads” in the Grenada Informer’s 18th December issue, gives us his version of recent events in Venezuela, which has more to do with his private fantasies than what’s actually on the ground.

Marryshow writes,. “Since the death of its iconic leader Hugo Chavez two years ago, the Bolivarian revolution has been under attack from the ultra right forces, aided and abetted by Washington and many European countries because of its socialist nature.”

Marryshow provides no evidence for this assertion. Obviously he has been soaking up the propaganda being pumped out by Maduro.

Marryshow insinuates that it’s the absence of Chavez that has caused the massive swing away from Chavismo at the recent elections, whereas it’s the crazy, ill-considered policies of Chavez that have resulted in massive disenchantment.

Not one word does Marryshow have to say about the fact that for years now it has become almost impossible to obtain many necessities in Venezuela and everybody, including the poor, is forced to join long lines in the hope of being able to buy something to eat.

Notice I said “in the hope of”, because there’s no guarantee that when you get inside the supermarket there will be anything but empty shelves. Imagine this going on day after day for years until the people start to revolt and stage massive demonstrations, as they did last February.

And Marryshow gives his version, “The ultra-right became emboldened and saw the passing of Chavez as an opening to promote their agenda to get rid of the revolution which had stripped them of their long held privileges.. They organised street protests, sabotage, civil disobedience…all with the blessings of the US. The business classes began to create artificial shortages of food…giving the impression that change was necessary.”

Again, no evidence is provided to support any of these allegations. There is nothing artificial about those shortages. They are due to the fact that Venezuela is bankrupt and cannot buy US dollars to allow the “business classes” to import food and basic necessities. It is bankrupt due to Chavez reckless and irresponsible management of the economy.

Some of you may have seen often enough some Spanish-speaking people in Real Value supermarket piling their trolleys high with goods, especially toilet paper. These are Venezuelans who have come to Grenada to buy things to take back to Venezuela, because they can’t get them there.

Imagine a poor, little island like Grenada with a cash-strapped government having supermarkets packed with a wide selection of goods and a huge, oil rich country like Venezuela with the largest oil reserves in the world having empty supermarket shelves. That will show you how much of a mess Chavez made of Venezuela.

Marryshow makes no mention of the fact that the powers-that-be in Venezuela are involved in narco-trafficking. Very recently Maduro’s wife Cilia Flores’ nephews were caught in Haiti trying to smuggle 800 kilos of cocaine into the US and now await trial. The plane which brought the cocaine and in which the nephews were travelling left from a part of the airport in Caracas which is reserved for government flights only. The plane belongs to the Venezuelan military.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more prosecutions of senior govt. officials in Venezuela will soon take place, so watch this space.

It is bad enough that Venezuelans are forced to listen to the lying propaganda being spewed out by Maduro, but a great shame that we should be subjected to it by his mouthpiece in Grenada.

Gregory Thomas

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