Hitting the nail on its head!!!

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you for such a direct and great editorial concerning West Indies cricket

For years I kept getting into arguments with bands of over night just come bush basketball fans, who for some reason can’t see that the region is investing in a discipline that its people don’t possess the body size and state of mind to excel in.

Why no investment in lawn tennis or even baseball that is also fading because of basketball?
The NBA is on a mission going around the world promoting basketball like a dope dealer dealing his or her drugs, and governments are getting hooked on it as the set of none thinkers that are put into office just won’t think.

The main suppliers of baseball players are the Latin American countries because of basketball, and track and field is on its way out here in the USA because of the same basketball too

That dream of big million dollar NBA contracts, is like playing three card monty with hustlers on a side street but they refuse to learn even as the effects are steering them directly in their eyes.

One of our own – a promising jumper wasted his time playing basketball in a Canadian high school, and ended up not getting an offer of a scholarship, when if he had stuck to track he would have definitely secured one because he was in the top six in the entire Canadian high school system despite not competing regularly.

It was both the basketball coach and his fault, because he failed to see his mistake and the coach just wanted a body on his team.

It’s quite a sad case in the entire Caribbean region, and I hope that the decision makers just wake up and smell the hot chocolate fast.

Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin

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