The most dangerous wall in St George’s

Following the reported accidental death of a woman from Grenville, St Andrews who according to the report died as a direct result of an embankment wall collapsing onto the vehicle she was travelling in, I believe as a constituent of Tobias Clement MP for St George’s North East, I am entitled to put this direct and urgent question to him: What is he going to do about the embankment wall that is in a collapsed state at the playing field in Tempe?

The wall I am referring to is located at the entrance to the playing field and the Tempe/Mt Parnassus Road and appears to be in danger of collapsing at any time onto the road with tons of soil sliding onto the road.

I believe it is the worse and most dangerous public retaining wall in St George’s and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. My advice is for reporters to go along and see for themselves the danger this wall provides to the health, welfare and safety not only to the general public but also to those who use the playing field for sports.

This wall poses not only a health and safety threat but as it stands a tragedy waiting to happen if remedial action is not taken urgently.

It is a disgrace to allow such a dangerous situation to exist in an environment such as a public playing field and a main road that is in continuous use 24/7 by the general public including heavy lorries; public as well as private transport.

I am appealing to PM Mitchell not just to ensure that his parliamentary colleague for the constituency sort out what has become a dangerous hazard but also to take action to tidy up this public playing field (which is in general use by the local schools); the drainage is applauding. Action should include the completion of the dressing rooms.

We are also seeking the provision of drinking water and sanitation facilities on site. We are asking for action in terms of delivery now.

One death is one too many. Also, if our country wants to produce more Kirani James we must be prepared to provide the necessary facilities for foundation building.

We the people of Tempe, Mt Parnassus and Radix deserve better. Our roads are potholes riddled; drains are not clean or cleared of obstacles preventing the free flowing of run-off and surface water.

There are also no warning signs to motorists of schools ahead and pedestrian crossings especially near schools are not marked creating a danger to our children; mothers with young children and our senior citizens as they negotiate the speed of oncoming vehicles to cross busy main roads.

Frankly, this is not good enough. Finally, it will be a grave mistake if politicians take the people of St George’s North East for granted.

If they do it will be at their own peril.

Winston Strachan

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